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  1. Double Degrees
  2. Question regarding internships
  3. What kind of degree? Specialized or general
  4. Help Fail GP. Can i still get in?
  5. Possible to resit for a subject as private candidate?
  6. smu interview
  7. Usefulness of a Double Degree...?
  8. Deferment?
  9. interview for double deg
  10. re-applying after giving up a place at NUS?
  11. Local vs. top overseas universities
  12. What courses have you been offered and which one do you plan to take up? (2008)
  13. tution fees for double degrees?
  14. appeal for NTU and NUS
  15. Orientation Camps/ Programmes
  16. DDP in NTU or BCom in NUS?
  17. Tips to surviving university
  18. NUS, NTU & SMU Scholarships more popular than ever!
  19. On MCs and etc
  20. Double Degree Students
  21. Can I enter any local University if I happen to fail my H1 contrasting subject?
  22. Local universities
  23. Advised Needed : High GPA, Still Need to Take SAT?
  24. Getting my degree via online learning
  25. NUS/NTU/SMU Cut-off Grades for all Degree Programmes 2009
  26. how is the uni application being processed?
  27. Post Grad Studies, Masters/Grad Dip
  28. Prospects of Local Science Degree
  29. ib students applying locally
  30. Statistics of Honours Graduates
  31. A-level grades and ability to cope in university
  32. A noob question
  33. Questions...
  34. Business School
  35. Advice needed
  36. business adm + acc double degree?
  37. Life in Uni Hostel
  38. Banking and Finance
  39. University Admission Scores
  40. Admission criteria for engineering courses??
  41. University admission?
  42. Non-Programmer in Computing?
  43. NUS, NTU, SMU Open Houses - Discuss here!
  44. How to select a university course?
  45. Burning questions on private universities
  46. Points or grades?
  47. how to calculate ranking points?
  48. tuition fees
  49. Uni Business & economics
  50. law degree
  51. What is SAT test???
  52. What other course to choose???
  53. Which university, be it local or overseas uni but with a local campus, is good and known for hospitality and tourism management?
  54. Application Process
  55. application choices
  56. non-academic achievements
  57. Application choices
  58. Help me!!
  59. Duration of Study. Thanks for help :)
  60. Discretionary Admissions
  61. DDP programs at local uni
  62. What constitutes supporting documents?
  63. Regarding Admissions in Business (NTU and NUS)
  64. a few things to clarify
  65. the optional non academic section of ntu
  66. UNI ADMISSION - study loan
  67. Help : Which engineering course to choose?
  68. How should I rank my choices?
  69. scholarship application
  70. Important question about university application payment
  71. Mathematics degree: Curriculum and prospects
  72. supporting docs n discretionary admissions
  73. nus and ntu admission results
  74. payment for admissions
  75. application status
  76. Appeal
  77. Ntu Science Notification
  78. Question regarding supporting documents
  79. rate my chances of getting into nus/Ntu engine
  80. Joint Acceptance Exercise Facility Up! (Alternative platform to check status)
  81. MTL requirement not fulfilled?
  82. Pay for accountancy degree students.
  83. Switching courses
  84. Appealing for 2nd,3rd or 4th choice?
  85. University application outcome 2009
  86. will someone please help me?
  87. What course to take for design / advertising / media?
  88. Help me out!!!
  89. French as a Minor
  90. Can you trust the Application Status Enquiry?
  91. Business vs. Econs
  92. Everyone who wants to study Medicine
  93. Employer perceptions of Universities
  94. Appeals
  95. Nus's project and facilities management
  96. can i survive in biz school?
  97. chem eng + biz(acc) stressful?
  98. Bioengineering
  99. acceptance of courses after 1st of june (2nd acceptance window)
  100. Is double major useless?
  101. Any n all advice welcome
  102. Appeal to NBS
  103. How to write an appeal letter
  104. After accepting a Uni offer...
  105. consequences of withdrawal of offer?
  106. different between concurrent and double
  107. MOE tuition grant?
  108. CCA... or not?
  109. Nus life sci bridging module for bio
  110. which has a better future?
  111. retaking just gp or a levels?
  112. what time is the deadline for course acceptance?
  113. 1st acceptance vs 2nd acceptance
  114. fail GP? BUT ACCEPTED?
  115. Prospects of degree in Life Sciences and Biological Sciences
  116. Transparency of the DA admission process
  117. anybody whose appeal is successful???
  118. Which local university should I pick for its econs course?
  119. HELP I wanna choose a major on biology
  120. Need help regarding change of major!
  121. LKY Step Award for Poly Students
  122. NUS Matriculation number!!??
  123. LKY-STEP Award
  124. Help on choosing of Biz Major
  125. Re-application to Uni
  126. ST: University admission criteria needs to be clearer
  127. Question regarding Tuition Grant Scheme
  128. NTU hall application results!
  129. 3As in A levels but got rejected from SMU, NTU and NUS?!
  130. SMU Business is not recognised?
  131. Are NUS/NTU graduates creative?
  132. wat to study gives u a better future?
  133. Regarding Admission at NUS Masters Program
  134. 2009 The Times Higher Education’s world university rankings
  135. NUS Sociology with discretionary admission and working experience
  136. Yale News: Foreign students hit record highs
  138. help me please )); CCA in JC
  139. anybody using discretionary admission to get into project and facilities management course
  140. Engineering Diploma to Business Admin(NUS/NTU)
  141. Local Universities Application Outcomes 2010
  142. Indicative Grade Profiles for NIE/NTU/NUS/SMU for AY2011/2012 Admissions Exercise
  143. Indicative Grade Profiles for NIE/NTU/NUS/SMU 2010
  144. Business Course Duration and Exemption
  145. Difference Btw Com Sci & Com Eng?
  146. Simple qn to ask
  147. Advice on Diagnostic Radiology
  148. local unis or Liberal Arts colleges?
  149. Prospects of political science
  150. Private Unis
  151. Choice allocation
  152. Secondary School stuff in application?
  153. Question abt mec eng~
  154. Jeopardising chances for 2nd choice in applications?
  155. PW grades and University Admission
  156. Queries about taking a BA(Hons) in Arts and Social Sci
  157. Accountancy & Business
  158. Sutd
  159. double degree=double major?
  160. Supporting Documents for Admission to Local Unis
  161. Testimonials and CCA records?
  162. nus application thingy
  163. Do you attach supporting documents (ie. CCA & testimonials) even if you are not applying under discretionary admission?
  164. Singapore Institute of Technology - Singapore's 5th University?
  165. Not sure of which engineering course to apply
  166. SIM Global Programme
  167. to change the PW grade in the application form
  168. Re applying
  169. errmm... Help plz...
  170. How do you send your supporting documents when the SGC/A level Cert is only ready by April-May?
  171. Are there 'form teachers' in local universities?
  172. question on private candidate, retake A level.
  173. Faculty of Science
  174. Uni Application Writeups
  175. Medical Examination for Returning NSFs.
  176. In the CCA section, do you include your secondary school CCA?
  177. NS achievements
  178. Uni supporting documents: Received?
  179. How does Discretionary Admission work?
  180. why is economics in singapore so underrated?
  181. Is it possible to cope with Economics at uni level when you have no maths background
  182. When Exactly Do the Admission Letters Come?
  183. Overseas attachment/programme for regular students
  184. Advise
  185. About courses offered...
  186. Joint Acceptance Portal Question
  187. Need clarifications about CPF Education loan , Tuition Fee Loan and Study Loan, Financial Aid, Tuition Grant
  188. Local equivalent of PPE?
  189. Pre-Admission Medical Exam
  190. Questions about accepting offers
  191. Accepting offers
  192. Nid Help From Bioengineering undergrads! =)
  193. University Rankings
  194. No letters yet? :(
  195. Appeal
  196. Who wants my spot at NUS, NTU or SMU?
  197. What about now
  198. confused and scared now: unsuccessful application to all 3 uni
  199. Sim
  200. Taking Minor/2nd Major...
  201. Share your University Experience here!
  202. Urgent help! Change course after 1 June 2010
  203. Bank Loan (Local Uni for Singaporeans)
  204. About the MOE Tuition Grant...
  205. Advance placement test
  206. Confused. (Re: MOE Tution Grant)
  207. No clear edge in the job market
  208. Post Graduate Diploma UOL at SAA
  209. Need advice URGENTLY
  210. H2 Chemistry needed for many courses?
  211. I need help with courses
  212. Tuition Grant
  213. Sat
  214. Are local Universities worth it?
  215. UAS calculation
  216. any details of the NAFA admission English test?
  217. More info on special term pls
  218. Poly student wanting to switch to NYP Physio
  219. SIM-UOL Minimum grade entry?
  220. Loan for part time undergraduate study
  221. Feeling so fickle
  222. most recognized/toughest degree here?
  223. Seeking for help and advice
  224. The Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition
  225. SAT 1 for admission to local U
  226. [Official Thread] 2011 Local Uni Application
  227. Rate my Chance
  228. Dip Plus
  229. Accountancy/Business
  230. Confused about university percentile and more
  231. What are the prospects of bioengineering?
  232. Which Uni ?
  233. bad results for A levels = no hope of getting into a local Uni
  234. choosing options for local uni
  235. deadline for submission for local universities
  236. Admission PIN Retrieval (Urgent!)
  237. Does where your degree come from matter?
  238. Diploma/Degree/Bachelor/Honours.. ?
  239. Possible to re-take A levels while holding a uni place?
  240. Question bout scholarship
  241. Performance of this year A level students
  242. SIM honours degrees
  243. how many courses can we choose in total?
  244. Retaking Alevels, whats the pros and cons?
  245. smu social science.
  246. T3A important factor for entry?
  247. NTU/NIE Admission
  248. Majors and minors
  249. COP for Double Degree
  250. BBB/A where to go??