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  1. Getting scholarship with these results?
  2. 2009 NUS/NTU/SMU Cut-off Grades for all Degree Programmes + how to calculate university points
  3. Results are out! HELP!
  4. NUS & NTU Chemical Engineering
  5. Help needed pls
  6. A level results-advice needed pls.
  7. Advice on choice of courses with A levels results
  8. a level results gotten
  9. PLEASE READ: Guidelines on asking for advice
  10. nd help for my A lvl result i got an unique score!(i know its irritating for u guys but pls, thx lots)
  11. Advice for Dentistry
  12. Advice on ntu biz or acc schls, thanks!
  13. Sociology+USP
  14. help please! indecisively undecided here.
  15. Should i still apply for NUS medicine?
  16. Advise for Scholarship and Mechanical Engineering
  17. Advice needed - NUS or SMU
  18. Need some advise
  19. Advice needed
  20. some help here please!
  21. Advice needed too
  22. advise needed
  23. Interested in accountacy, advice needed
  24. could you rate for me?
  25. help mi! pls...
  26. Business schools, Psychology. Good enough?
  27. Help needed for scholarship and study options.
  28. NUS/SMU law..a slim likelihood??
  29. Advice please, thanks so much!
  30. Help me please!
  31. where do i go?
  32. A little help is appreciated..
  33. LAW course possible?
  34. Law Accountancy double degree possible?
  35. HELP. NUS/SMU Accountancy/Economics
  36. Advice needed
  37. Help Needed
  38. At a lost
  39. Academic Units
  40. Grades are neither here nor there.
  41. ntu or smu biz?
  42. Rate my chances for Law!
  43. where to go to study econs with my results?
  44. help needed for 'S'ucky GP grade... TIA..
  45. Advice needed please!
  46. DAAAC grades. advice needed
  47. NTU double deg acct&biz
  48. Can i get into any biz course with my grades?
  49. Help needed:)
  50. What do you think my chances are?!
  51. what are 'average grades'?
  52. rate my chances pls!
  53. 4As and C for GP, PR, chances?
  54. Rate me please :)
  55. rate my chances!!!
  56. please help.
  57. please rate my results, thanks!
  58. Biz and accounting..possible for me?
  59. pls rate my chances!
  60. rate my chances plz..
  61. Rate pls, thanks. NTU-CBC wanted
  62. QUestion about NUS adn NTU regarding my grades
  63. rate my chance!!
  64. shld i retake or go private uni??
  65. please rate my chances...
  66. rate my chances ><
  67. Help...i nid some advice...
  68. My chances for SMU Law?
  69. Pursuing Literature in NUS/NTU
  70. CDD/C any chances in NUS real estate or nursing?
  71. Can go SMU econs with AAAB but B for econs and C for GP
  72. Chances of getting into NUS (FASS)
  73. Chances of getting into nus business
  74. Please rate my chances! :|
  75. Engineering or business?
  76. fass?
  77. Rate my chances? would really appreciate any help i can get
  78. chance of NUS medicine?
  79. SIA, MFA, MAS, EDB, GIC scholarship
  80. Poor Grades =/= Scholarships?
  81. Economics or Engineering?
  82. NTU aerospace engineering
  83. NTU Accountancy with AABBB, B for GP
  84. psychology at FASS and SMU social sci
  85. SMU,NTU or NUS buisness?
  86. Can i go NTU with these grades...??
  87. rate my chances
  88. Biz
  89. IMPORTANT QN for all!!
  90. RATE for my fren
  91. ACCT FOR NUS/NTU please rate my friend's chances
  92. Engineering or?
  93. Media, Design, Project & Facilities Management
  94. Mother Tongue Grades
  95. rate for me!
  96. I need help please.
  97. Rate my chances for Teaching Scholarship.
  98. no chance for business?
  99. Rate my chances please.
  100. nus fass and smu social science?
  101. possible to go nus/ntu accountancy?
  102. Hku
  103. able to enter SIM-UOL?
  104. Rate my chances pls! Biz courses
  105. my chances of NUS law?
  106. rate my chances.. help me pls
  107. Rate my chances pls!!!
  108. some help needed for the lost one
  109. Shouldd I try for scholarship?
  110. chances?
  111. Real Estate OR acc OR Applied math???HELP pls.....
  112. Communications - NTU, FASS - NUS
  113. Help!
  114. NTU accountancy Interview
  115. Rate My Chances Sincerely pls.
  116. Advice needed
  117. Scholarship and Course advice needed
  118. Rate My Chances? ;D (several other questions as well)
  119. Help anyone?Material Science.. rate my chances pls.
  120. rate my chances
  121. Rate my Chances and Give me Advice
  122. PLS, pls rate my chances...
  123. interested in law.. slightly unsure..
  124. Can I get into NBS to study accountancy?
  125. eligible for most courses?
  126. Could you help me ratemy chance?
  127. Rate my chance please! THANKS :)
  128. Can I get into Chem Eng?
  129. Rate my chances pls? :D
  130. Please give me some advice!
  131. My turn now! Rate my chance/s.
  132. Application for NUS/NTU scholarship
  133. What should i do????
  134. university grade profile
  135. Rate my chances for Acc and Biz from NTU/ SMU please!
  136. Soc Sci?
  137. NUS Arch Help Please :D
  138. rate my chances
  139. Rate my chances of getting into Medicine
  140. Rate my chance pls. Thanks
  141. Any1 can answer my Qn??
  142. rate my chances of getting into ISE. Thanks a lot
  143. Information on University Courses
  144. Rate my chances please
  145. please rate my chances
  146. Please rate my chances, thanks
  147. pleaseee rate my chances for ddb
  148. Help needed. Thanks in advance
  149. Is there any chance for me to get scholarship?
  150. help!
  151. NTU Accountancy-Rate my chances!
  152. Urgent help needed!!
  153. my chances of entering acc/business
  154. Rate my chances Thanks!
  155. Rate me. Thanks :D
  156. Pls rate my chances. Thanks!
  157. rate my chances into nus business ad
  158. Please Rate My Chances. Thanks!
  159. Chances for Overseas/Local Scholarships and Double Degree: BIz+ __! Good grades, fair CCA records!
  160. Rate my chances
  161. Rate my chances thanks! :)
  162. Rate my Fren's Chance! thanks ^^
  163. Rate my chances please
  164. Is it possible to apply for scholarships with 10 academic points?
  165. Aaa/aa???a?
  166. Need advise please.
  167. Advice needed. Thanks alot.
  168. NUS Computing(Comm and Media)
  169. How would taking SAT 1(not the topical tests) boosts my chance of getting into a local university?
  170. Questions questions questions
  171. Rate my chances pls? (;
  172. Rate my chances for scholarships. Thanks!
  173. help thanks! I am in dilemma.
  174. rate my friend's chances
  175. NTU psychology/sociology
  176. help please - overseas scholarships
  177. -.-
  178. Pls rate my chances into the Double degree in Biomedical Sciences
  179. please help to rate my chances>.<
  180. Help me!Rate my chances for NUS/NTU Scholarships
  181. urgent! please rate my chances for NUS med + additonal questions
  182. rate my chances plss
  183. Rate my chances!
  184. UOL's management
  185. Business in NBS/NUS/SMU
  186. Nus/smu law
  187. rate my chances pls, TY =D
  188. chances for NUS law and computation of points(:
  189. Chances for EDS/SIA scholarship/Nanyang Scholarship
  190. Advice on Aerospace Engineering and ISE.
  191. Where can i go?
  192. Chances of getting the scholarship?
  193. Arts student retaking A levels?
  194. I not a singapore or parmantant residents, what is my chances
  195. Rate my chance, thanks!!
  196. Maritime studies with business major, please rate my chances
  197. Rate My Chances!
  198. Rate my chances (mass comm, media and comm)
  199. Rate my chances for scholarships!
  200. NUS Law
  201. Smu/nus law!!!
  202. Fass?
  203. RATE ME PLS! many thanks!
  204. Some advice would be greatly appreciated !
  205. rate my chances (accountancy)
  206. please rate my chances!
  207. Rate my chances pls!
  208. My chance at NTU communication studies?
  209. Order of choices for Uni courses
  210. an exceptional achievement?
  211. Rate my chances for scholarships thanks!
  212. rate my chances , thanks=)
  213. Rate my chances for Chemical Engineering
  214. Rate for Scholarship
  215. Repeat????
  216. Rate my chance please!!!
  217. Rate my chance of getting a scholarship
  218. Rate my chances for Accountancy courses
  219. Rate my chances for a healthscience scholarship please! ((:
  220. Rate my chances
  221. pls rate my chance
  222. Please rate my chances! Thanks :)
  223. rate my chances too!
  224. rate my chances? x)
  225. Rate my chances!
  226. Rate my chances - poly student
  227. Chances for overseas med school?
  228. Rate my chances for DD biz/acc in ntu
  229. Rate my chances for USA/UK universities
  230. Rate my chances!!
  231. Rate My Chances :)
  232. Rate my chance on getting scholarship(Poly)
  233. RaTe My ChAnCeS!!
  234. Rate My Chances for NUS FASS!
  235. Rate my chance of getting into nus/NTU engine(POLY)
  236. Rate my chances!!
  237. Rate my Chance (NTU BIO SCI)
  238. ntu's communication studies course
  239. Please rate my chances!! (Poly student)
  240. Rate mine, mucho appreciated!
  241. Rate my chances! - Poly Year 2
  242. accountancy/biz/science
  243. Rate my chances
  244. pls rate my chance thx
  245. rate my chances - MDA's media scholarship
  246. rate my chance for scholarship!
  247. NTU and NUS Biz
  248. Help me rate my chances plz!Thx
  249. Chances of Entering University
  250. Rate my chances for NTU-CN Yang Scholars Programme please. thanks!