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  1. Studying in U Michigan, Ann Arbor
  2. US University and Department Rankings
  3. US College and University - How to choose
  4. Indiana University (Bloomington)
  5. Harvard University
  6. Studying in SF Bay Area (Stanford, Berkeley, Santa Clara)
  7. Neat tool to calculate US college costs
  8. liberal arts colleges and singaporean employers =/
  9. NS Issues
  10. Poly students in us
  11. SAT 1 n SAT 2 subject tests.
  12. SAT 1 essay
  13. Applying/studying in US (more specifically UPenn)
  14. How to apply
  15. Financial Aid
  16. scholarships/Freebie/Reduced rate Uni
  17. Experiences of applying to US colleges
  18. NYT: And for Sports, Kid, Put Down
  19. US University Information Session
  20. Does taking 3h2 affect my chances to ivy league universities? (preferably cornell university)
  21. NYT: Student Expectations Seen as Causing Grade Disputes
  22. Double majors / double degree / major minor / accelerated / etc.
  23. Sending schools my A level results?
  24. Ten Percent Admitted to MIT Class of 2013
  25. Help! Application to stanford university
  26. Where have you applied to / been admitted?
  27. Holding places in multiple countries
  28. ST: Seven things about American youth
  29. Should I go to Wharton (Undergrad)?
  30. UW-Madison or NUS
  31. Rate my Chances
  32. SATs or ACT??
  33. Undergraduate Admission Essays
  34. Rice in US or NUS double-degree with scholarship?
  35. Advance Placement Credits
  36. The Harvard Disadvantage
  37. GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
  38. Masters at Harvard/Stanford/Yale
  39. Personal Statement to US Universities
  40. "dream" colleges
  41. Straits Times: UNC Chapel Hill
  42. Straits Times: Brown University
  43. Business school credit exemptions for Poly grads?
  44. anyone knows the maximum deferment for Singapore Males hoping to get enrolled?
  45. USA pre-departure preparations
  46. Do Elite Colleges Produce the Best-Paid Graduates?
  47. Transferring to a US university
  48. Question About Architecture Undergraduate Course
  49. usnews undergrad program rankings
  50. Which reference guides will help you find the right school?
  51. Cornell University Hotel Administration/ Management
  52. Anyone get into UC Berkeley
  53. Poly transfer to MIT
  54. Is it true that the US accounting system is different from the Singapore one?
  55. College Admissions Help!
  56. Rolling Admissions
  57. do Singaporean students need to take TOEFL??
  58. Older student (A levels) considering top 50
  59. Common App form help!
  60. how important is h3 in US uni applications?
  61. SAT vs ACT scores
  62. Difference in School Term Used
  63. Grade Level
  64. Embry-Riddle Aerospace Engineering
  65. looking for uni in cali
  66. Asking about ivy league
  67. university of Purdue.
  68. Ask about GP
  69. applying for more unis
  70. Double degree in Mechanical and electrical engineering?
  71. Application to USA colleges for Poly
  72. Applying to CC in California
  73. How much does applying for fin aid affect your admission chances?
  74. SAT Books
  75. SAT results
  76. NS deferment
  77. CPT, OPT and Other Visa Issues
  78. Teacher/Counselor Recommendations
  79. What ECs to do?
  80. how to get in to stanford university
  81. Clarification on Score Choice
  82. Which college to study Economics in?
  83. Wall Street Journal rankings 2010
  84. Too late to take SATs?
  85. Failed H3... how bad is it?
  86. TOEFL required?
  87. Application matters
  88. local unis vs lacs? help...
  89. AP Tests
  90. What to fill in for high school grades and courses?
  91. 2011 College Admission Acceptance Thread
  92. Advice Needed! Does ED commitment applies to all schs in the world?
  93. Poly - Uni?
  94. CUNY Macaulay College scholarship
  95. Chance me Please!
  96. Need some advice on SAT score
  97. In The News: Harvard and Princeton to revive Early-Action Program
  98. Should I retake my SATs? [noob]
  99. Some advice please.
  100. Question regarding LACs
  101. Anyone going to PSU this fall?
  102. Poly to MIT?
  103. Will US Universities hold places due to NS?
  104. What is this concept of 'hook' I've seen?
  105. UCLA this fall?
  106. Northwestern or NYU Stern School
  107. Free talk: Applying for College in the United States
  108. SAT I tuition help!
  109. need some advice
  110. Advice needed!
  111. advice on CommApps
  112. PURDUE Pre-Pharmacy or... local?? HELP NEEDED!!
  113. From neighborhood primary to Ivy league
  114. Stanford University Summer School 2011
  115. First-timer here
  116. Anyone accepted into UMichigan for fall 2011?
  117. Common Application - Poly
  118. Freshman or transfer?
  119. SAT scores required for various universities
  120. Failed A lvls, but got decent SAT I AND II scores, seeking advice.
  121. Get an agent? Or DIY?
  122. i am a bit confuse, help me out here!
  123. housing for ucla
  124. Questions about CommApp
  125. US uni VS Aussie Uni?
  126. US university vs Local university - a transfer student's experience
  127. US Universities for Communcation Studies
  128. Please help me
  129. Studying at a non-top ranked US college versus NUS/NTU
  130. US Schools' Reputations
  131. Transfer Application
  132. English requirement for university of texas
  133. going for NUS special term
  134. Importance of Chinese results in applying?
  135. Holycow, help me!
  136. Chances for US schools
  137. Several questions (polytechnic student)
  138. SAT and Early Decision/Action
  139. Relevance of taking AP test for US college application
  140. anyone applied to us for mechanical engineering?
  141. Please help me...rate my chance
  142. Comparisons between Unis
  143. Post if you have an offer!
  144. Centres that offer SATs tuition? Tips to score in SATs? Pls post here!!
  145. Admitted into NYU?
  146. Overseas or local?
  147. Harvard MBA prerequisites.
  148. Help for a confused person
  149. Anyone in art colleges or art universities?
  150. Roommate for UMICH this year(URGENT!)
  151. engineering degree in 3 years??
  152. Urgent! Visas and General Limitations
  153. CUNY's Baruch College under fire over Forgery
  154. Brand New - GRE Books (Manhattan/Kaplan/Barron's/Princeton)
  155. Best time to take SAT 2s
  156. Anyone studying at Northwestern?
  157. Chance me Please=X
  158. sat2 for arts students
  159. actually, how difficult is it to get to liberal arts college
  160. importance of A levels?
  161. Sat 2
  162. NS transcripts for application/ recommendation letter question
  163. Anyone Studying at Claremont Mckenna
  164. SAT Deadline?
  165. Recommendation Letters from Scholarship Provider?
  166. Please advise! Should I take SATs right before As?
  167. Stanford University
  168. Maximising your Chances: THEME-ing your Application
  169. Help!
  170. University of California
  171. US universities with the largest number of international students
  172. Do I stand a chance?
  173. Harvard College/SAT dateline
  174. Poly or JC easier route to US uni?
  175. Online Schools offering Global eLearning
  176. Community college to UCLA?
  177. University of Minnesota
  178. Nyu, Michigan and UCB business
  179. UC Berkeley/ UCLA chances?
  180. HELP needed from current scholars: Acceptance of Offer deadline VS Scholarships notification date
  181. Columbia/cornell
  182. Act or sat?
  183. Are H3 grades important in overseas uni apps?
  184. Financial Aid Help! (Weird Situation)
  185. Advertisement: Confused about SAT?
  186. Having some doubts
  187. Studying Overseas Dilemma
  188. (Rate my chance) Very Bad Grades In Sec 3, Sec 4 & J1 But Want To Try Stanford!
  189. Studying in the STATES
  190. SAT Self Study Possible?
  191. Where can I transfer to a joint BA-BS/MD program?
  192. Applying to US universities with a private diploma?
  193. LACs in US or Yale-NUS?
  194. SAT Prep Courses
  195. In need of knowing ways to get into USC
  196. Top Colleges Tour in West Coast, USA
  197. Common Application 2013-2014
  198. ADV: JPP Advisors - US Higher Education Advisory
  199. Admission to UCLA
  200. Poly grad to LACs & "Above average" unis
  201. SAT Registration Help?
  202. Admission criteria to UC schools
  203. Should I even consider retaking SATs and applying?
  204. Chance me for US Colleges please!
  205. John Hopkins?
  206. Searching for Best US Based Online Degree Programs?
  207. Ivy league grad schools from local U
  208. Question about Teacher's Recommendation
  209. [HELP!] What do I do now?
  210. Recommendations for what US uni I should consider for Engineering?
  211. UMich College of LSA
  212. Do JC results play a big part of the US college application?
  213. Applying to non-top US university.
  214. Your Opinion: University of Michigan vs. SUTD
  215. A levels, is it required for application to schools in the US?
  216. SHARE ALL Medical biochemistry ebook
  217. UIUC vs UW-Madison
  218. Smu biz/acct/econs
  219. Questions about US University Application
  220. Any recommendations on University to head to for Majoring in Business and IT?
  221. Any chance for decent us college?
  222. NUS Transfer to US universities
  223. A short guide to US higher education for Singaporean junior college students
  224. 2015 university applications seminar by top consultants from oxford, yale, harvard
  225. Worse case scenarios HELP PLEASE
  226. Applying for Masters in USA
  227. uni and scholarship statements
  228. Usa biz vs local biz
  229. US Education Seminar in SG (Aug 19-20)
  230. USA tuition fees
  231. Apply as Freshman or Transfer
  232. How to Get into an Ivy League University
  233. Do I Stand A Chance At All?
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