View Full Version : Local industries recognition on [Technical University of Munich]Singapore Institute of Technology

04-08-2012, 10:00 PM
Hi there

I am currently been offered to study Chemical Engineering in either SIT(TUM) or NTU.

However, i wish to seek some advices from people in the industries (Biopharmaceutical or Petrochemical) on the following question:

1) Is honors that important in the industries? Cause the degree from SIT(TUM) is shorter than NTU by 1.5 years (which in return can be 1.5 yr more of work experience) but it's not a honors degree.

2) From my understanding, the certificate that i'm getting, is directly the same as its main campus in germany & there's no SIT logo/name on it.
However do the local industries recognise Technical University of Munich's degree?

3) Is it sensible for me to include world ranking of both universities into consideration? Cause TUM's world ranking is higher than NTU in both QS & TIME world ranking..

Any advices given is greatly appreciated =)