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04-09-2012, 02:12 AM
Hi all,
thanks for taking the time to read this.
im very aware that there are many psychology-related threads, however couldnt really find an answer from any. Would appreciate all help!

Ill be graduating from a BA psychology (honours), and really stressed and torn between which paths (Counseling? Organizational psych? or HRM?) i should choose to further my studies in masters degree and which career path i should take. my main concern here boils down to money, and opportunity.

1) what is the starting median salary for:
-Masters degree in Counseling in counseling psych fields
-Masters degree in IO psych, as a IO psychologist
-Masters degree in Human Resource Management in HR fields

2) What are the jobscopes for an IO psychologist?
I know its very similar to Human Resource, but what is the difference between these two?

3)I read that one of the cons of IO is that "clients and projects change often". What does it mean? What kind of companies hire IO because I dont really find them in online job portals. Are the demands for them LOW in singapore?

4) Which do you think is better? Working in government sector, or private sector? Why?

5) According to SG year 2010, the median starting salary for BA psych (honours) in NTU is $2935-$3100. How much can i (from a foreign university) expect?

6) If i indeed further my studies in Masters in Counseling, will i be able to work in hospitals as a counseling psychologist? Will it be difficult to get that position as i will have to compete with other PhD holders? How much can a counseling psychologist at hospitals earn?

7) Because I dont wanna spend all that effort and money to study a Masters in Counseling and end up with a social work pay. Where else can i find counseling-related jobs other than hospitals, with a decent pay? Is it true that one shouldn't expect much in counseling psych fields? "Helping people should be one's passion, and the salary is just a bonus" - is that true?

8) In Human resource field, "A" is holding a IO-psych masters, while "B" is holding a HRM masters. Will their pay be the same? or IO person gets better paid?

04-09-2012, 03:07 AM
Additionally, a friend told me the fastest way to get high salary is to jump from one job to another within 1-2 years, to another within few years. What do you think of this? :confused: