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08-08-2012, 10:23 AM
Straits Times 07/08/2012

Pianist Thomas Ang, 21, and soprano Victoria Li, 18, have been named the first two awardees of the inaugural Hamish Dyer Young Musicians' Scholarship.

Ang will be awarded $20,000 as the scholarship's main recipient this year and Li will receive $10,000 as the runner-up.

The two young Singaporean musicians will be starting school at the Royal Academy of Music in London next month. Living expenses and tuition costs at the academy can add up to about $60,000 a year.

The scholarship's founder, Dr Hamish Dyer, 70, is a music lover who does his best to attend as many symphony concerts in Singapore as he can.

The retired bachelor and Singapore permanent resident, who moved here from Scotland in the 1980s, was formerly a medical director in a pharmaceutical company.

He tells Life!: "When I was a kid, I started piano lessons and wasn't particularly good at it, so my father stopped my lessons. I don't blame him for it because I wasn't doing well.

"Ever since then, I've enjoyed music. In Scotland, I used to go to the Royal Scottish National Orchestra's concerts, but when I came to Singapore, there was so much musical life here that I wanted to take advantage of it, but also pay back something.

"I wanted to help somebody, or some people, in their musical careers because it can be very difficult."

The scholarship was set up earlier this year, with plans to disburse a maximum of $30,000 a year over four years, this year included. The number of recipients will vary from year to year, depending on the quality of their auditions and applications.