View Full Version : Where did you Intern at and what was the experience like?

11-30-2012, 11:01 AM

Am interested to know where people have interned at (or if you want to talk about your temp job, that's okay too) and what the experience is like. I'm 17 this year and planning my internship for my post-As next year! I'm still very undecided on what kind of career path to take so I think internships are one of the best ways to help you decide.

For me, I interned at a law firm for the past week. I was attached to a mentor in the Corporate Finance department and although the reading and the work is quite dry (not all that interested in money and numbers), it was interesting to see how a law firm works and the level of precision, accuracy and detail that they have to go into. Altogether it appears to be very challenging work!