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11-25-2013, 10:12 PM
Hi all, I am a NYP grad (Business IT) with a GPA of 3.3 (With such average grades local Us would be impossible to enrol in) Regretted playing during my first year but no use crying over split milk.

I am currently serving the nation with 14 months left to go till I ORD! (Thank god...) Hahaha

I've taken the SATs 1 with a relatively good score of 2300 (Math:760 Writing:780 Critical Reading:760) Should I take SATs 2? I plan to major in Business.

CCA:Ultimate Frisbee Team. NYP Ultimate Frisbee is the best in the country with us winning the IVP (highest school/tertiary competition where all Unis, Polys and JCs compete) since 2005-2011. In 2012 we clinched 3rd. And the Poly-ITE (2nd highest competition) where we have been reigning champions since 2010 to 2013.

I have worked for MNCs during my school breaks and did a 1 semester internship. Wonder if these would help in my admission essay and would recommendations from my former employers help too? THanks

The schools I am eyeing are Wesleyan, Trinity & Connecticut College (Highly favoured as relatives are living in Middletown CT) Pomona and Amherst. Other places would be UT Austin, UMich AA & UMinn TC. Fees would be ok especially if I get into any of the CT schools as it is only at most an hour's drive away from my relative's house (Only pay for tuition and not room & board I believe? Since I live off campus.)

Family income is upper middle class and parents would not mind paying for a quality education. (Both siblings Uni grads thus they say it is imperative I graduated from Uni and I feel the same way too.) (Parents are prudent and would like to save as much, I would be shouldering 30% of the fees too so I would like to get it as low as possible as well. Having a grant would be really good, wonder if Amherst still has the blind-need initiative.)

What are my chances? Should I apply for the coming academic year and request a one year deferment? (Two years are much rarer thus only coming to apply now.) Or should I wait till I am nearing ORD then only do I apply? Thanks all!

11-26-2013, 01:29 AM
whats your Os like?

your low GPA can hurt your chances but u got to apply.
its hard to ppl going from Poly to states let alone LAC in States.
with your LAC choices they are all a stretch.
With public Uni - Austin and UMich are generally reach Uni for those JC students who fail to get into their top choices (MIT/Stanford/Harvard etc). It will be competitive for U. U may have a better chance if U apply undecided and transfer after a yr. UMN Carlson this maybe a reach.

On a good day your drive is 1hr on bad day your drive can turn into 2-3rs.
I reckon u intend on buying a new reliable car, u don't want to miss your exams.
Parking can be a problems - even if U buy parking passes and think u are set, think again uni often sell 2-3X the avail parking spots.

14mths away so ORD in Feb? if U have ample vacations maybe you can leave in Jan for Spring/winter admission. Note Spring/Winter admission the acceptance rate is usually lower. if U apply now you are only deferring a yr.
since application starts around now and ends in Jan/Feb and the results will be out in May/Jun/July for Fall intake (Sept 2014). if U cannot go in for Fall you can push it to 2015 Fall that is deferring by a yr. if U have ample vacations maybe can go in Jan 2015.

11-26-2013, 02:35 AM
Just wanted to say that the scholarship at Amherst is super hard to get even though it is not that well-known in Singapore (a really pretisgious uni in the US though). My friend who got at least 3As for all school exams (trust me, it's difficult) didn't get it, so...

11-26-2013, 03:32 AM
My Os are bad... Math and Sciences A2, English B3, Accounting B4, Humans C6
I only really started working hard in my second year of Polytechnic.
Would it have helped if my GPA was more to the 3.6-8 range?

Hmm... what other schools would you recommend? I actually do not mind studying for the As but I am not optimistic I will be able to do very well unless I take a sabbatical which I do not mind. So I would be in the 2016 intake?

Like you said... UMN is a good choice but just how guaranteed to enter? I'd rather take a sabbatical and enter a "better" university. Would it be a better choice?
Just laying out all the options on the table.

11-26-2013, 06:16 AM
it will help if its at 3.8 and up range, but its late now.
What is point doing As and taking sabbatical?
U might as well go for CC and transfer.

if you shoot for UT Austin look for a CC in Austin that has high transfer rate and go there for 2yrs. UT system is much like UC system they don't like students transferring outside the state. with UT or UCLA transferring from CC U still need GPA 3.9 and up. with UMich U can venture to their lesser known campus Umich-dearborn and shoot for 3.8 GPA to transfer to Ann Arbor Bschool.

UMN maybe a reach because of your SAT. Your GPA is not that high.

if cannot is an option U can do CC at columbia college and transfer to UBC-Sauder. U only need a GPA of 3.5 to do it iirc.

U can get into Indiana Uni and strive to get GPA say 3.5 and up to transfer to Kelly.

With CC - U can go Summer, Spring, Fall admission they are very flexible and is cheaper.

11-26-2013, 10:08 PM
Hmm... Okay, that makes sense. After doing some research, community colleges aren't as bad as I thought they were, they look similar to poly.

I would like to go straight to a Uni for a "traditional" 4 year programme though.

I taken a good look at UMN and I really gravitate to it. UMN has two courses that really interest me, Economics in CLA & Finance in CBS.

Do you know of other schools which also factor in SATs and would look past a dismal first year GPA? 1st year 2.5... 2nd year I got 3.7 and my final year I got a 3.8.

11-26-2013, 11:27 PM
Umn cla is reach their admission req is lower than Carlson biz school.

Don't know if uni look past your 1st gpa, u have to put a good spin in your essay.

Uni that u can get in today
- Arizona eller
- uni of Iowa
- Purdue
- Indiana
- arizona state
- Iowa state

11-28-2013, 05:36 PM
Thanks a lot patryn! Which Uni is the best to apply to? I'll most likely be trying to find a job in the States after graduating (might want to continue with an MBA though) as I doubt many firms in Singapore would know about these Unis. Their general consensus of good colleges are HYPS and me vs a NUS/SMU/NTU grad? Doubt I would fare well if I came back to the Singaporean job market.

11-28-2013, 10:55 PM
I met a gal who grad from umn cla Econ in sg. She has no trouble finding job in sg, in fact she secure the job in about a mth. She tried to find jobs in states but no luck return after exhausting her 1 yr opt.
She is ibanking and flies around the world. That is pretty good compared to my cousins grad from smu.

I heard some SMU gal transferred to Carlson after her exchange.

So much with umn, Indiana kelly. Ppl still make their way to big 4 fairly easily.
A few others in the ibanking program went on to work in Chicago.

Arizona eller - an acquaintance of mine spouse is director or president of a company but he has a phd.

Define fare well?
A degree open doors after that has nothing to do where u grad it's all about performance on the job.
Alumni connections can help promotion should u suck up to your bosses.
Grad from HYPS will be great but how many? Competition from HYPS are few most if them on scholarship anyway, return to be bonded.

Public firms are open to these ppl. Someone grad from ulu Finland degree also landed a job. Qns is are u thinking of $3k or $10k?

MBA from renown uni requires a good 3-5 yrs of working experience.
Finding a job with biz degree is hard, met ppl with degree from uc Irvine went to work in bank in CA making $40k+ a few yrs back. Another with masters degree from piƱon only getting $50k doing biz IT.
MBA degree today cost usd$35-40k a yr.