View Full Version : Is there still a future studying print media related degrees in Singapore?

12-15-2015, 10:25 AM
Hi, currently undecided abt the degree course to study in university, am very keen to pursue a career in journalism but unsure abt how stable this industry will be in the future given the rise of social media and with sph reportedly suffering losses in recent years.
undecided between ntu mass comm degree and nus comms and new media degree, heard that ntu's one is more focused on traditional media so will it be a good degree to study given how uncertain the future of print journalism is, does the ntu degree cover aspects that help in the social media aspect of journalism?
would the nus one be better since it seems to focus on new media?
hoping someone could enlighten me as given that the biggest and supposedly more stable media company is sph but yet it has largely depended on print media, is there still a future if i were to pursue a career in journalism.
also, im wondering what is the pay like for a journalist and whether a degree regardless of whether it is relevant or not will give a better pay because if i might choose to study accountancy first in uni before venturing into journalism
Thanks, hope to hear some useful advice from u guys