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05-01-2016, 09:31 PM
Hi all,

1) Has anyone with a polytechnic diploma achieved an associate degree and then changed to their desired University in Canada? How was the transition like?

2) What are the standards of the exams during the program and are they A or O level standard and how did you actually cope with the subjects?

3) Which college did you study for the Associate Degree Program? I am looking at Langara College at the moment.

Quick background: I am intending to study Agricultural Economics in Mcgill University and I have a Diploma in Business Studies from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I am only intending to study for one year in Langar College and transfer out to Mcgill University onto U2.

Please include any other helpful advice! (:

05-01-2016, 10:46 PM
1) what do you mean by transition like? in terms of handling work load? or friendship with class mates? its not any different from moving from Sec school to Poly.

2) which program u asking at Assoc program or at Uni? Cope with class pretty much the same as U would cope at Poly. visit Lecturer/ Prof office hours or visit TA to learn and qns. U need to be more independent

3) check out transfer agreement. U planning to do how many years overseas?
some listed transfered classes from Langara to Mcgill. min GPA is pretty low at 2.5, why don't u apply directly and see U can get in to mcgill directly with your poly dip?

Minimum Admission Requirements by Program - Transfer Students

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Dietetics and Human Nutrition
One semester of calculus for science
One semester each of two of biology, chemistry, or physics, each with labs
If admitted with the above minimum prerequisites, you must complete the remaining science prerequisite course requirements in your program at McGill.

most ppl study in college in BC with aim to transfer to a Uni in BC. few really want to move from west to east.

ppl I met: usually study at columbia college transferring to UBC or sheridan to York

05-02-2016, 09:22 AM
Hi! Appreciate the response.

1) Transition in terms of coping with the subjects; English, Science and Mathematics which are that i have not touched since Secondary school days. And the exams are all A-level standard? (According to 'TheRightU' agency which i went to for consultation)

2) One semester of calculus for science
One semester each of two of biology, chemistry, or physics, each with labs
If admitted with the above minimum prerequisites, you must complete the remaining science prerequisite course requirements in your program at McGill.

As what you have quoted, calculus and science are part of the prerequisites which must be met before i can apply into the Uni. Given my Business Diploma background, it is unlikely that i would be able to make the cut even though my GPA is 3.57..I am intending to study for 4 years. (First year in the college and transfer directly out to the second year to Mcgill; the 1 + 3 system)

3) Yes, i have read through the transferable classes in the link earlier on. But given that Canada universities do not acknowledge Singapore Diploma for direct uni entry, i would have to go through the Associate Degree path? So i would assume that the minimum entry requirements stated on Mcgill's website is not applicable to Poly GPA.

Lastly, the reason why i opt for Mcgill University is because other top universities such as; UBC, UOT or York do not have the degree which i want to pursue. Only in Mcgill that they offer Agricultural Economics and is reputable in Canada and Overseas.

The primary concern are the pre-requisites that must be met; science and Mathematics. The agent i went to for consultation (TheRightU) told me that the examinations are A-level standard. Thus, the concern..

05-03-2016, 12:55 AM
1) not taken A levels so hard to make that comparison. But having gone thru A level text book.. Engineering level college level sci isn't looking like A level Sci. for the Eng/Sci/Math they seek is usually at O level standard.

2. if U have clicked on the link its for re-admission and transfer req. not for direct entry.

3. where did U get the info on Canadian Uni does not acknowledge SG Dip for direct Uni entry? Canada make it tough for Dip holders as few Dip venture there. they even closed the Canadian Edu Center 5-10yrs ago cause little to no one is using their services.

UBC-Vancouver - accepts SG Dip but just need high GPA for the most part. usually don't take students with GPA below 3.5 into Sauder.
SFU - my sibling from Ngee Ann biz got accepted by them and fought for transfer credits getting 16+ iirc all for Beedie req math! her GPA was above 3.6 iirc. her pal with GPA 3.3 got turned down.
UBC-Okanagen no issue taking poly Dip. I know ppl doing IT dip and got accepted by them few yrs back to study Biz
MUN- accepts for do not award transfer credits.

otherwise many took college path not only they don't qualify and it does help to save some $$.
with cost savings in mind they spend 1-2yrs at these colleges. hard worker have no issue doing well.

most ppl claim they don't accept Singapore Dip reason cause
- credits no generously transferred unlike UK/OZ
- usually don't auto transfer need to write in, providing explanation and documentation to get credits awarded just too much work.

if I were U, I will apply to a college and to mcgill directly and see what happen. get the college as your backup. U can be in touch with Mcgill but chances are they don't understand untill U can provide them with your complete application. O level results, Poly transcripts and the complete certify true copies of the detail diploma course descriptions (outline each course U took and what is taught).

emailing Canadian Uni is a long shot to understand if you meet their requirement cause Dip is neither A level or a full degree. They do not have a category for that and help desk wouldn't know for the most part.

05-06-2016, 02:24 PM
Sorry for the late reply as I am in NS atm.

1) I emailed Langara College and the representative says that 'O' Level results are only equivalent to their Year 10 standards. Thus, there is no way I would assume that I cannot bypass the Year 12 syllabus for a direct university entry.

2) Yes, they do require 'Calculus 1 for science and either one of the basic science - Bio/Chem/Phys' and a minimum 2.5 CGPA.

3) I went to a local agency to seek consultation and they mentioned that Canada universities do not consider Polytechnic Diplomas for direct entry. Thus, I am puzzled as to how your friend managed to use his engineering diploma and receive direct enrollment into a Business Degree course. There seem to be loopholes in the information provided to me by the Agency or the University's website.

Mcgill University does offer a 'Freshman Year Program' for students who are majoring in Agricultural Economics. Am I able to apply to this program using my GPA and 'O' level results? Since the modules covered in this program are the pre-requisites necessary for my major.

Here's the link: http://www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/prospective/freshmanyear/courses

Do you think it would be better to study at Langara College for a year and proceed to Mcgill or should I apply for Mcgill's Freshman Year Program?

At the moment, I am still waiting for Mcgill University's representative to reply back. Seems like their administration support is extremely poor..

Just out of curiosity, may I know what is your background? Were you from polytechnic as well and which route did you opt for?

Thank you so much and I do look forward to your advice.

05-06-2016, 09:33 PM
All canadian uni admission support are extremely poor. the info they provide is very standard and don't offer more info than what you can find online. U are better off applying, if U fear wasting the application fee go with Langura. the ppl replying to emails are not admission officers.

different Uni admission req is certainly different. that don't not mean Mcgill will follow what other uni are doing.

Local Agency will only know as much as the students they handle. Many local agency works closely with such college.

if U are not ready for the trouble just apply to Langara and be done. The tuition there is so low. U be saving $$ to go there if you care.

otherwise try American Uni, no need to play transfer and move from west to east. only issue is taking SAT.

some states
- research output for those interested in research