View Full Version : Bond-free scholarships for PR?

04-21-2017, 11:40 PM
Hi, I am a student from Malaysia who came to Singapore 10 years ago to study. I have completed A levels and is waiting for matriculation into university.

I am looking at bond-free scholarships as I am unsure of which industry or organisation I would want to work in the future.

I am offered the Nanyang scholarship from NTU to study CBC currently. But for NUS, I am only eligible for their ASEAN and Sci&tech scholarships. I have applied for medicine and pharmacy 2nd choice in NUS and I'm still waiting for their offer. So most likely I will be only eligible for the ASEAN scholarship and they probably can shortlist me for the interview after offering me the course.

However, I would like to know if there are other bond-free scholarships for PR students like me? So that I have a back-up plan in case I couldnt get the NUS scholarship.