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12-17-2018, 01:50 PM
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Its been a busy week in American politics. Here are some of the stories you might have missed. Philip Rivers found Mike Williams for a 2-point conversion with 4 seconds remaining to upset Kansas City at home. A.O. Scott reviewed Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang for The New York Times on Oct. 21, 2005. Read the original review.
Stocks across Wall Street are enduring one of the most prolonged periods of volatility of the past decade. NASA on Thursday named nine U.S. companies, including Lockheed Martin Corp, that will compete for funding under the space agency's renewed long-term moon program, a private-public undertaking to develop technology that will explore the lunar surface.
Malaria quickly kills toddlers. But rapid diagnostic tests, a new suppository drug and bicycle ambulances can buy enough time to get stricken children to hospitals.
Tory Burch and Pierre-Yves Roussel have joined forces at work and at home. Dont expect reality T.V. (Reuters Health) - - Most obese patients who qualify for weight loss surgery don't seek it out, and that may be due at least partly to stigma, a U.S. survey suggests. To elevate salmon from thrown together to put together, make like Alison Roman and add buttery harissa sauce. More and more womens pros are eschewing coaches. The secret, they say, is knowing your own swing. This is a popular time of year to buy a diamond, but the gemstone has become increasingly expensive. Heres how to make sure you are getting the best price.
Manning and the Giants were awful in a 17-0 loss to the Tennessee Titans.
If anyone here wants to be President Trumps chief of staff, just raise your hand and the job is yours, Fallon told his audience. This years gift guide invites you to consider a bicycle bell that makes 25 sounds, a 16-foot lamp made of rope and a vase named after the disgraced wife of Emperor Claudius. The journalist and MSNBC host wakes up to Twitter and ends the day basically a brain-dead mess. U.S. stocks fell on fears about global economic slowdown after weak data from China and Europe, with Johnson Johnson plunging following Reuters story that said JJ knew about asbestos in Baby Powder for decades. Roselle Chen reports. (The story corrects last paragraph to show May recall was from a different JBS facility, not the JBS Tolleson unit)
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