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03-10-2009, 03:53 PM
Distortionary Elements Of Scholarships
Offered By The Public Service Commission
By Vaughn Tan


Given that the main objective of public service scholarships is to systematically maximise social utility by concentrating resources on those best suited to serve, only one supposition needs to be made for the purposes of this brief survey. It is this: the scholars who will best fulfil the PSC's objective (and society's) are likely to be those who commit to a PSC scholarship in full knowledge of these requirements and objectives. By this I mean those students who commit to a scholarship in full knowledge that it is above all else a public service scholarship in every sense of the word, one that requires a passionate commitment to public service qualitatively distinct in scope of concrete and moral responsibility from private engagements and remunerative employment.

In its current form, several elements of the PSC's scholarship programme combine to reduce the likelihood that individuals with this public service commitment will prevail in the selection process.

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