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04-28-2009, 05:39 PM
What is the civil service?

The Singapore Public Service employs some 110,000 public officers working in 15 Ministries, more than 50 Statutory Boards and nine Organs of State. Within the Public Service is the Civil Service, comprising more than 60,000 officers working in the Ministries and Organs of state. They work in various schemes of service, including the Administrative Service, legal, education, police, civil defence as well as other generic schemes. Statutory boards (such as HDB, CPF Board, IRAS, etc) have their own recruitment and human resource management policies. They are legally distinct and independent employers from the Civil Service.


What are PSC scholarships (undergraduate)? In order of prestige:

1. President’s Scholarship
Disruption: Yes
MAP: Yes
Awarded on top of OMS / LMS (Open) – Medicine (and possibly SAFOS / SPFOS)

2. SAF Overseas Scholarship (SAFOS)
Disruption: Yes
MAP: Yes
Awarded on top of OMS

2. SPF Overseas Scholarship (SPFOS)
Disruption: Yes
MAP: Yes
Awarded on top of OMS

4. Overseas Merit Scholarship (OMS)
Disruption: Yes
MAP: Yes

4. Local Merit Scholarship (Open) – Medicine
Disruption: Yes
MAP: Yes

6. Local-Overseas Merit Scholarship (L-OMS)
Disruption: ???
MAP: Yes

7. PSC China Scholarship
Disruption: ???

8. Singapore Government Scholarship (Open) (SGS)
Disruption: No

Mid-Term Scholarship
MAP: Maybe
Retroactive scholarship award in 2nd or 3rd year of study

Note that although you apply for Ministry Scholarships through the PSC Gateway portal, they are not considered PSC Scholarships. These include SGS offered by MFA etc. and LMS offered by MHA etc. The full listing of ministry scholarships can be found here:


Difference between (Tied) and (Specialist)

These awards aim to meet specific manpower needs of certain schemes of service within the Civil Service. Specifically, we offer Tied awards for Teaching, the Legal Service, and the Foreign Service. Upon graduation, Tied scholars will be recruited into the respective agencies i.e. Ministry of Education, Legal Service Commission or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These awards cater to scholars with strong inclination towards certain specialised courses such as architecture or veterinary science among others. Specialist scholars will be recruited into the agencies which are relevant to their courses of study.


“Specialist” refers to those schemes of service that are highly specialised and removed from managerial and policy work. More on the various schemes of service can be found here: http://www.adminservice.gov.sg/MAP/CareerPath/

What is Management Associates Programme (MAP)?

The MAP is a 4 year preparation course for the Admin Service. L-OMS and above scholars are automatically emplaced in MAP after graduation, the rest are not, but can work their way into MAP.

As a Management Associate (MA), you will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of public governance and acquire skills in public administration. Starting off your career in a chosen Ministry, you will gain grounding in the Ministry’s area of work. After two years in the parent Ministry, you will be posted to a different Ministry for another one to two years, to gain exposure to a different area of work.

Career track: http://www.adminservice.gov.sg/MAP/CareerPath/

What is the Admin Service?

The Admin Service is the premier scheme of service in the Civil Service. It takes in only a small fraction of MAPers, and a very small number of outsiders.

The Public Service Division aims to develop AOs to have a sound grasp of the complexities of government. Taking into account your interests and Civil Service needs, you may be posted to jobs in areas dealing with economic, social, security and government administration.

AOs are appointed on probation for up to two years. During this time, you will participate in training programmes, and receive guidance from an experienced supervisor. You will get to be part of project teams where you can recommend policies and have the opportunity to present your findings to the Committee of Permanent Secretaries or at various policy forums.

Career track: http://www.adminservice.gov.sg/AS/CareerPath/


PSC Scholarships:

MAP and Admin Service:



01-07-2010, 02:20 PM
hi, may i know what's the diff between oms and sgs besides the disruption/MAP? like on brightsparks i saw mfa gives both oms and sgs scholarships but the details given looked the same... thanks!

03-17-2010, 10:04 AM
hi, may i know what's the diff between oms and sgs besides the disruption/MAP? like on brightsparks i saw mfa gives both oms and sgs scholarships but the details given looked the same... thanks!

That's exactly it - there's no difference besides the disruption and MAP. Everything else is the same (allowance, bond, expenses paid, etc).

06-09-2010, 11:57 PM
Hi! I was just wondering, if I've been rejected by PSC this year, is it possible for me to re-apply during next year's application cycle? Thanks (:

06-10-2010, 06:43 AM
No, perhaps unless there's something new in your application.

07-26-2010, 11:11 AM
Hi everyone, this year's PSC scholarships ceremony was held on Saturday, when awards were given out to 70 scholarship recipients.

Among the 70 scholarship recipients, 37 of the scholars will pursue studies in the United Kingdom, 22 in the United States, eight in Singapore and three in China.

I guess these figures should interest those of you thinking of applying for PSC scholarships in the near future?

For more details, here is the keynote address of the ceremony by Deputy Prime Minster Teo Chee Hean:
http://www.pscscholarships.gov.sg/COMMON/KEY+NOTE+ADDRESS+BY+DPM+TEO+AT+THE+2010+PSC+SAC.ht m

04-24-2011, 10:50 PM
just some additional info for any future applicants

PSC China can be for OMS or SGS (O). the two basic categories are only OMS and SGS (O) for PSC scholarships. for PSC China, you do get additional benefits, which are similar to other scholars who study in a non-traditional country (eg. france, germany, japan, etc).

and SGS (Open) scholars go for an interview after their studies to decide if they enter the MAP. of course, even normal high-performing civil servants can apply to the MAP, but an SGS (O) definitely has a higher chance of direct absorption into MAP after their studies.

on a side note though, don't be obsessed about disruption and MAP if you want to apply for a public-sector scholarship. those may be practical reasons, but if you really take up a scholarship based on these reasons, you'll probably regret it during your bonded years. ministry scholarships offer different opportunities and may even be a better fit for some.