View Full Version : Help I am technically unemployed for over 2 years.

09-20-2009, 08:01 PM
I graduate with a management degree from SIM UOL in 2007 and that was june. I proceed to help out as a clerk in family business (construction) and has been searching for job ever since. My only job is at a local bank as a temp getting 6.5 per hour and that span from near end of 2008 to april 2009. Yes I took almost a year to find my first job and it is a 6.5 per hour temp! Ie if my family does not own a business I would have been dead.

I have pass lvl 2 of the CFA exam. and is about to sign for lvl 3, but once I do so I would become singapore only lvl 3 candiate without a proper job :D

My objective is first choice investment mgmt, 2nd choice investment banking and I know that it is near immposible to get direct entry into those areas.

I got a few advise from various souces.

1. Remove your CFA qualfications and apply for entry lvl data entry jobs in any bank. Then try to go to investment mgmt once you cleared lvl 3.

2. Keep trying as the economy is recovering.

3. Join AIA and prudential (ok I would never consider this idea, ever)

4. Become a stock broker (maybe I consider, but em... but all my contract is all construction workers who got moeny buy shares lol)

my idea was to try to get to operations firstly I may gain some background product knowldge which can be useful if i wan to pursuade investment mgmt. But the problem is many tell me once u in operations u stuck in operations very hard to move on.

Can any one advise?