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03-07-2010, 12:31 AM
hi guys. I'm rather interested in being a commerical pilot. it doesnt really matter which airline i'll work for. I am 19 this year, currently studying dip. in civil engineering and management at Singapore Polytechnic. I have just finished year 2 and will be starting year 3 the coming april. My results are 3.5gpa so far. well, the only things that sets me apart are that i posessed a boating licence and a car driving licence as well. my eye sight is 600 both eyes and i'm willing to undergo lasik. may i know what are my chances into being a commerical pilot?

many thanks!


07-17-2010, 12:49 AM
Well, that will depend if you're for the self-funded route, the military route or the SIA Cadet Pilot scheme. :)

Pros & Cons


- Very expensive
- No guarantee of a job
- Only 2 approved flight schools in Singapore

> You will get your licences and ratings faster
> Not be bonded by any contract
> Flexibility


- Bonded for a period of 12 years IIRC (RSAF)
- You will have to pass BMT and go on to OCS
- Not much flying
- Admin/Officer duties will take much of your flying time

> Free training/food/accomodation etc.
> Top quality
> Salary while you learn how to fly

Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot Scheme

- Bonded for 7 years
- Extremely competitive
- Very little time for your family IF you have one

> Free training/food/accomodation etc.
> More or less guaranteed a job with SIA/SIA Cargo/SilkAir
> Prestigious airline
> High salary compared to many other jobs

Basically, to be a commercial pilot is not hard and not easy as well. Many people see to it that self-funded pilot programs are the easiest way to get a license and this is true in a way. However, if you were to get your license on your own, you might not be guaranteed a job afterwards. Job opportunities for 'freshies' include flight instructing/charter flights/banner towing, etc. This jobs do not fetch high salaries but they are often the first stepping stone for most self-funded cadets.

My advice is to get a good Bachelor's Degree and if you do not already have 5 O' Level credits, now is the time to take it again. After that, go for a Class 1 Medical to determine if you are medically fit to gain a Commercial Pilot License. Upon obtaining all these, AND if you're above 25, you can then apply for SIA's Cadet Pilot program.

I wish you all the best in your dream.

Aspiring SIA Pilot

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