View Full Version : ACCA or Degree in Accountancy and Finance?

06-15-2010, 08:41 PM
As above, is it better to get a ACCA or Degree in Accountancy and Finance (not from NTU, NUS or SMU)

I am a A levels student who is currently serving ns, and ording this year end.
I did not study during my jc days and ended up with bad grades thus being unable to enter any of the local uni.

From what i gathered, ACCA is a professional accreditation which is not equals to a degree. But both pathways lead to becoming a CPA after 3 years of working experience.

Given that, is it fair to say go for ACCA if i am dead certain i want to pursue a career in accountancy for life?
Or get a degree which will give me more options? (hopefully)

Also, does a degree from a private school lose out to those from the local uni when it comes to job application and pay etc?

Last question, if i want to pursue a degree in accountancy and finance, which school will be better for me to study in? SAA, Unisim, Kaplan or any others recommanded? I went for the SAA talk and i am fine with what i heard from the talks, but i want to hear from any former students if possible.
Best is if there are any working adults out there armed with private degrees to share with me about yr working experience when u completed yr studies.

06-17-2010, 03:27 PM
I'm not sure what an ACCA is, even after checking it out, but in general, I would suggest that you go for a degree since it gives you more options. From what I know from speaking to friends, accountancy can be very boring, and it takes a certain kind of person to prevent yourself from burning out. Unless you've had some experience from accountancy, and are dead certain that you know it is for you, go for the degree. It'll give you more options if you're not sure.

Generally, people prefer degrees from NUS/SMU/NTU, especially since there are more networking opportunities in each school. But what's done is done - if you can't get into either, work with the hand you've been dealt with. :p

Working adults I know who are either doing part time degrees with private unis generally say that you need good time management to do well - it's not easy to juggle work and school.

Either way, good luck with making your choice!