View Full Version : Financial controller/analyst- Biz+Accounting or Biz+Economics

09-19-2010, 10:45 PM
I am interested in a job as a financial controller or analyst in the banking sector.

I am currently offered the choice of double degrees in business and Accountancy, or a double major programme in business (specialise in finance) and economics.

The difference between a double degree and double major is that a double degree will have another degree scroll, while the double major will only be a reflection in my transcripts.

Personally, I have more interest for economics. I believe the macroeconomics perspectives will help me a lot as an analyst. However, my family have advised me to take up accountancy, as it is more "practical", and will be more relevant should I decide to be a financial controller.

May I know what are the industry requirements for both careers, and which of the 2 choices do you think will have more career opportunities, and perhaps more sought after when i apply for grad school?

Thanks in advance (: