View Full Version : NUS Life Sciences, and its different specialisation courses

03-06-2011, 02:11 PM
Hello all. I am thinking of going NUS's FoS. I am interested in Biology/Chemistry. I know their majors are Chemistry, Life Sciences, and 3 more Life Sciences with their respective specialization areas in Environmental, Biomedical and Molecular.

I have gone on to the FoS Major website, but I cannot load the pages that tell me more about what each major offers.

So I am quite lost now, why isn't there a specialisation for Chemistry? I mean it's a little too broad, isn't it? Is there a further choosing of course for Chemistry in perhaps Year 2 or Year 3? And I'm hearing that the career prospects for Life Sciences are not too well also, I have no idea which major to opt for should I get into FoS.