View Full Version : Inspiring article for those considering SIM

03-27-2011, 07:22 PM
Mr Tommy Khoo, 27, is a case in point. Interested in mathematics, he had always dreamed of studying the subject in a top university like Oxford or
Cambridge, but did not do well enough in his A levels to get into the local universities.

He thus opted for an UOL degree at SIM, worked hard and graduated last year with a first-class honours degree in mathematics and economics.

This turned out to be his entry ticket to Oxbridge. He won places in both Oxford and Cambridge, and picked Oxford, where he is pursuing his master’s in mathematics.

The young man, whose goal is to become a researcher, said he is glad for the second chance the UOL programme gave him. “You need programmes like this to give a second, and even third chance to late bloomers like me,” he said.