View Full Version : Social science or business management?

04-27-2011, 09:47 PM
I'm currently offered SMU social science where I intend to major in political science which my interest lies in.

BUT friends and relatives have been telling me that social science degrees without Masters wouldn't really get me that far in terms of job prospects and salary, especially in Singapore.

Thus I'm contemplating switching to SMU Business management where I may major in corporate communication and possibly marketing.

So, these are my concerns:

1. Should I opt for SMU business mgmt or social science? (*material comfort is really important to me and I can't imagine myself being stagnant somewhere)

2. I hope to work overseas in the future. Since SMU is most well-known for its biz programme rather than its social science programme, would SMU biz serve me better in this aspect?

3. Being a prospective SMU student, when it comes to applying for Masters or overseas job opportunities, would I be at a disadvantage as compared to NUS/NTU grads? (due to their better brand name and standing in biz)