View Full Version : Pharmacy vs. Accountancy

01-19-2012, 01:22 PM
Hello! I'm currently a Year 2 SP student pursuing Diploma in Biomedical Science.

Being extremely concerned about my future, I would like to seek the opinions of my predecessors, namely all of you who are applying for Universities, the undergrads, post-grads and those already serving in the industry.

Would NUS Pharmacy or NTU DDP (Accountancy + Business) be a better path to take if I were particularly concerned about the monetary returns? I am aware that I can find out about the starting salary from salary.sg, but what about 5 / 10 / 15 years from the time I start work? It's difficult to come up with concrete numbers but does anyone have any idea what the prospects are going to be like?

Furthermore, I found out that NUS Pharmacy has a 2-year full-time PharmD course for post-grads (so that's one way I can further study). What about the DDP? What's the IGP for the DDP then?

I hope to make this a discussion so that I can get the opinions from as many people who have walked past this crossroad of life as possible.

I apologise for the long read, and really appreciate any help or suggestions that you may have to offer. Thanks in advance!