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Default NUS Dentistry Admission Help

Hey guys,

Hey there, I am Sanjay. You see, I really want to get into NUS dentistry. I am actually not a Singapore citizen, but a permanent resident. I did not do the Singapore A levels but instead studied at an Indian School, here in Singapore. The curriculum I did is a reputed one actually, and NUS only needs my Year 12 results, and not any other exams like SAT, TOEFL etc. My year 12 (equivalent to A levels) grades are good. But, I think you can judge my grades too! Here are my grades, remember the maximum score for each subject is 100!

English - 90 ; Math - 92 ; Chem - 88 ; Bio - 86 ; Phy -78 (physics score is bad)

So do you think I stand a chance for dentistry? I have volunteer experience at the Science Centre, and have won prizes from two International Essay competitions! I am also a member of Mensa Singapore (High IQ society)! Do reply to my message as soon as possible! I am extremely passionate about becoming a dentist one day!! Thank you for reading this, and expecting your replies soon!

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