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Default Selling: A level gp (ks bull, broaders perspectives)/ h2 econs/ physics notes (prelim papers)

***Some stuffs belong to me, and some to my friends! Help us get rid of them please!

These are really useful resources for the JC GCE A levels H1 General Paper.

1. Topical Compilation - Broaders Perspectives classified by topic (VERY painstakingly compiled)
This is a crazily thick stack (602 pages) worth of BP compiled by topic. There are 20 over topics: Sci and tech, gender, politics, education, and even food. There's a Singapore section too. Was one of the most helpful kits in preparation for my A level GP paper.

2. 6-year Compilation of RJC KS BULL ( 609 pages)
Years 2007-2012
It's another crazy thick stack (609 pages!)of KS Bull GP Essays written by exemplary students of Raffles Junior College/ Institution. 6 years worth of KS bull = 12 volumes.

3. JCs GP P2 Prelim comprehension Passages with answers (381 pages)
Good if you would like to practise GP comprehension for the GCE A levels. Compilation of comprehensions across JCs coupled with answer keys and SAMPLE AQ ANSWERS!!!.

4. HCI For and Against
Consists of for and against arguments and points for quite a wide range of essay questions.

5. Detailed Essay outlines
298 pages worth of essay outlines. Useful for those who require guidance in writing GP Essays, outline indicates the question types, scope of question and give tips about what the question precisely wants and how not to hi-jack the question etc.

6. SG-based Notes and Articles
A purely Singapore-based GP notes. Especially good for those who want to work on their AQ (application to your own society content)


7. Complete set of HCI H2 Econs Lecture Notes!!! (Micro, macro across J1 and J2)
(a MUST-get if your school econs notes is v messy)

8. Essay Outlines and answer schemes by JCs across tens of years.
There are different stacks, each stack is one Econs topic - Demand & supply, Market Structure, Market Failure, Globalisation, Economic Growth, Policy Questions etc.

9. H2 economics Prelim papers (case study and essay) and answer schemes across JCs for year 2012

10. H2 economics prelim papers and answer schemes across JCs year 2013

The previous 3 sets are super key for the A that I clinched in the A level Econs paper. It allowed me to expose myself to tons of essay questions in the shortest span of time, grasp concepts fast and understand question demands much more easily.


9. Prelim papers for JCs (whole set) with answers

please leave a comment if interested in any, thanks!!
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