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Default Clearing A level notes from HCI, RJC, VJC

Hello! (:
My friends and I just completed our A levels last year and am hoping to sell off the following notes we used for the exams. All the notes are in good condition.
Contact me at [email protected] to purchase. Postage is preferred as I am busy with NS now. Free Normal mail and Registered Mail will be extra $5.


1. VJC Kaleidoscope 2011 (Essay Compilation) – Very good compilation of essays done by VJC. Used it to look for very good vocab, quality content and examples for Essays. ($37)
2. SOT notes and content packages ($45) SOLD
3. Broader Perspective – The Essay Issue ($20) SOLD
4. KS BULL 2008 Issue 2 ($15)
5. KS BULL 2009 Issue 1 ($15)
6. KS BULL 2007 Issue 1 ($15)
7. KS BULL 2007 Issue 2 ($15)
8. KS BULL 2013 ($35) SOLD
9. KS BULL 2014 ($40) SOLD
10. HCI Content notes : For and Against ($45) SOLD
11. TPJC content notes ($30) SOLD

H1/H2 Economics
1. VJC 2013/14 notes with tutorials ($50) SOLD
2. VJC Essay Compilation : Micro and Macro ($40) SOLD
3. HCI 2013/14 Micro and Macro ($35 for each) – This thick set of notes contains lecture notes, tutorials and common mistakes made by students. Very good and concise notes to study for A levels. HCI really has the best Econs notes around.
4. HCI Itunes (Consolidated Summary notes with lots of tables, common student mistakes,Real world Examples and pre-written common answers for students to memorise for A levels ($55)
5. HCI Essay and Case study Skills (With answers) – This summary notes includes the framework of how HCI teaches its students for Case study and essays. Very clear instructions on how to write evaluations and examples for essays, how to annotate case study and how to answer case study questions. ($35)
6. H2 Prelims with answers 2008 – 2012 ( $15 per year)
7. RJC notes ($50 for the whole set)
8. (NEW) Economics in Public Policies: The Singapore Story ($10)
9. TPJC 2012 notes (Micro and Macro) $45

H2 Math
1. Topical TYS of good prelim questions starting from 1999 – also got this from my HCI friend. This set of exercise is a comprehensive question source for all kinds of questions that could appear for A levels and prelims. Just make sure you understand how to solve each type of question in every chapter and you will get an A for A levels. ($35)
2. H2 Prelims (2008-2010) ($15 per year)
3. CS Toh H2 Math Challenging Questions used once ($20)
4. HCI H2 Math Lecture notes and tutorials ($55)
5. HCI H1 Math notes and tutorials ($45) SOLD
6. TPJC H2 Math Lecture notes with answers ($50) SOLD

H2 Chemistry
1. CS TOH Advance study guide- hardly used (U.P $32.05) Selling at ($25) – Very good and comprehensive chemistry guide. My teacher photocopied notes from this book so I didn’t use it much.
2. TPJC Full lecture notes and tutorials ($35) SOLD
3. CS TOH challenging questions ($20) SOLD
4. HCI lecture notes ($45) SOLD

H1/H2 Geography
1. TPJC Selected Essays for A levels (Population) ($20)
2. TPJC Geography notes $40 SOLD

H1/H2 Biology
1. MJC H2 Notes ($40)
2. TPJC H1 Notes ($30) SOLD

Will update more when I clear my bookshelf. Thanks for viewing! (:
Contact me at: [email protected]
Clearing off my A level notes
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