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Default Australian foundation programme for medicine

Hi guys, I've messed up my A levels, BBB/C GP U, was an anomaly because my Prelims score was higher than my actual A levels, even my teachers were surprised with my score. I'm thinking of whether continuing this course of retaking my J2 or to go into the Australia foundation programme, I really want to do medicine, I even thought I was going to get the grades for it, my prelims UAS is 73, BBC/D GP D, so realistically I was thinking AAB or AAA was not a long shot. So would it be better if I take another run with the A levels or do I just move on with the Australian foundation programme? I still believe that circumstances worked against me in the last round and I haven't achieved my full potential yet. Thanks.
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Do the foundation if you just want to get a medical degree.

Retake a levels if you must enter nus/ntu.

If not, do the foundation or apply for EIS or whatnot (refer to relevant threads in this forum).
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Well, technically you can try and apply for Adelaide's MBBS.

I know of a friend who got BBB and got into their MBBS.

All hope is not lost my friend.
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I would suggest you to take INTERNATIONAL Cambridge A LEVEL. It is way easier than Singapore A level. If you are applying to australian medical schools, they look at your best 3 A level or 3 H2 subjects (if i can recall). Even though International A level has A* (just like PSLE), most australian schools are only looking for an A, so technically speaking, an A is an 2nd lower standard or at an B position (the highest grade in Singapore A level is an A). It is way way easier. I am not joking. You will be SHOCKED when you look at their past papers. I hope it help.
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australian foundation

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