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Exclamation renaissance engineering program

Hi everyone,

I'm currently an accepted applicant to ntu renaissance engineering program (rep) an engineering program combined with business and liberal arts elements. It comes with a one year guaranteed attachment to either uc berkley or imperial college London. Education is for free with allowance and I get a bachelor of science in whichever engineering specialization I choose, as well as a masters of science in technology management (mot) all in 4.5 years.

However im still not at ease with the fact that I declined the offer of nus gep (global engineering program) because rep is still a very new program that has unproven track record. Gep is similar to rep but gep is more engineering focused, the degree is bachelor's of engineering (not science) and we get to choose what post grad we do in the fourth year. However the fourth year of post grad overseas is not paid for or secured.

My question is,

A specialised degree in engineering or a diverse education is better?

Which engineering specialization has better prospects?

A hands on learning experience with greater classroom dialogue or one focused more on theory and traditional lectures is better?

How is a bachelor of science in engineering compared to bachelor of engineering and how valued is a master of science in technology management

And finally, the fact that ntu seems so hard pressed to sell this rep program also unsettles me. It seems over hyped, and aggressively marketed as the number one engineering profram in Singapore. From an Singaporean employer pov, what would an rep grad be worth ultimately?

For current rep students please pm me so I can ask more questions, like how is the overseas experience and internship.

Any other comments on rep vs gep, or ntu engi vs nus engi in general?

Your honest and constructive replies would make a difference to my life and others who may be seeing this post. I can change my choice as I still have two more chances to apply as I am currently doing national service. Thank you!
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Hello, if anyone has any thoughts on REP to share pls do so! I think there are some important questions raised here such as what an REP grad would be worth, so any two cents would really be appreciated. I have been accepted into this programme in the previous admission cycle.
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