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Default PLEASE READ: Guidelines on asking for advice

Dear all,

Congratulations on your A-level/Polytechnic results! No matter how well or how badly you did, to have completed 12/13 years of education in Singapore is an achievement in its own right. Now is the time to take the grades you've earned and look towards university or scholarship admissions. If, like most people, you're really, really worried and anxious, this forum is here for you to seek advice regarding your chances, and to make your situation and future clearer.

To make things easier for everyone in this nerve-wracking period, the Moderators would like you to follow these guidelines for posting:

1. Thread Titles

You probably have a university course or scholarship, or both in mind. State these in your thread title to make it easier for the more knowledgeable people to find you and rate your chances. Once your chances have been rated, the thread title would also make it easier for your fellow advice-seeking forummers to find advice and ratings already posted, especially if they have the same or similar grade/CCA profiles as you. This is to avoid unnecessary repeat threads as far as possible.

2. Know that you're posting on the Internet

If you don't want your neighbour, worst enemy, or basically the whole world to know your grades or ambitions, avoid posting too much identifying information on these very public forums.

3. Just apply.

Keep in mind that for the most part, this forum involves clueless people rating chances for other equally clueless people. In other words, nothing here is official or authoritative. You never know until you apply; and until you do, your chances are absolute 0%.

4. Tell us how it went

If it's okay with you, please update us on how it went - did you get shortlisted? Were you ultimately successful? This is so that all of us can get a rough idea of the grade profiles required for shortlisting or admission to courses and scholarships. Together, we can help our juniors ease their anxiety in the years to come.

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Default Note to new members

1. Do not hijack threads or repost everywhere
I cannot stress how important this is. Aside from being bad manners, it may not make people more inclined to help you. Be patient.
As a side note, it is permissible to bump threads, but not too often. Depending on the traffic, a good rule of the thumb is the next day, or if your thread is on the third page of the forum. Bumping every five minutes does not help.

2. How to post a new thread:
Go to the forum that you want to post in (for example, the rate my chances subforum), and on the top left hand corner you can see a "new thread" button. Click that.

3. A short reminder of other resources:
The BrightSparks Forum Tutorial - is a good guide especially if you're feeling lost.
FAQ on how to use the forum

Let's try to work together to keep this forum helpful.
Disclaimer: Any advice offered by myself or other moderators / forum members on this forum is just that - mere advice. Neither BrightSparks nor we give any illusion that the information provided is definitive, and take no responsibility for any consequences.
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