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Originally Posted by patryn33 View Post
Goal of working on a theology MA is to acquire language skills, you can do undependent study or research supporting a Classics phd student.
You are not using the training from the degree to kick start your phd. its pretty much like doing a "2nd bach" but doing for free. this path means doing a 2 yr program then moving on to a full 6yrs program.
I see. I'm just concerned as to whether a lack of a Master's in Classics/Ancient History would disadvantaged me further in comparison to other students.

In general graduate programs do not transfer. even if you read a classics masters then change to a Uni to reach Phd, those graduate level coursework do not transfer. in very rare cases graduate work at MA level transfer to Phd.
I understand. My concern is not necessarily about credit transfer, but whether a good MA could better my chances.

I thought you not looking at competitive scholarship, if you qualify for commonweath and rhode scholar etc you wouldn't be starting this thread.
No, I'm just stating that even if I stand a chance to obtain a commonwealth scholarship by furthering my studies in History, that does not mean I could get into a Ancient History PhD program.

Even though ancient history is still part of history, the way most ancient history departments are organised means it is effectively a different field from history.
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if you qualify for a commonwealth aid for History, I don't see theer will be an issue with going to Ancient History phd. You may not get into Harvard/Oxbridge but a good uni shouldn't be an issue.

I come across ppl getting no aid from NYC to read Urbun Planning MA but gotten full aid to read Econ Phd at cornell. yes its apple to oranges, but I am trying to say is if you really good not much to fear.

Another case, one who did History Bach at top Uni got into Phd in Statistic in a good and has gotten award for 1st yr to catch up on the missing Pre-req classes with 4th yr Bach student. if you are really good I don't see that you have to worry that much. While doing History MA you can always audit language classes or Ancient History, ace those Uni application exams. Work with Prof in Ancient History for FREE. I have come across ppl doing Engineering who wanna do Med went to Bio or Med school to do help out. With good commendation from Prof it is very possible. It really depends on how you choose to shape your path.

As for the work load of auditing classes, if one is a commonwealth scholar not hard to do double the normal load. I came across many Asian STEM Phd scholars completed the coursework in half the time or less. I come across one extreme case he was talking 18-21 credits (normal load 6) acing them and doing research. if you choose to strictly stick to the course and limit yourself then chances maybe not be good.

No point worrying with funding and you cannot get there, just select a few Uni and see if any grant U funding and decide from there. cast a large web and see what you find. it important how you choose to strategize.
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