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Default Are you still eligible for scholarships after 2 years of working in an unrelated field?

Hello to whoever is reading. Not sure who to ask these questions to so I decide to just post it on this forum.

I am getting my A level results in a few days time *internal screams*.

I am not very confident with my results and was pretty sure that I will not be able to receive scholarships.
No scholarship means no university for me because the tuition fee is crazy expensive especially for international students such as myself. Hence I am considering working first for at least 2 years so that I can save enough and support myself and hence applied for a job.

I have not heard back from the company I applied for since the interview (it's only been a few days) but I'm just wondering and curious if let's say my results turned out decent enough, I may have the chance of getting a scholarship since I was pretty active in my CCA and school activities.

So let's say if I decide to work first, do I still stand a chance of receiving a scholarship for university based on my A level results 2 years ago and leadership roles from my previous school and perhaps my workplace?
And does the fact that the job I'll be doing has nothing to do with the course I am interested in decrease my chance?

P.S I personally feel like my case is similar to guys who have to go through NS since they have to "work in a sort of unrelated field" before going into uni. However it is different because they are obligated to defer uni admission for legit national reason and scholarship providers also bobian need wait for them to finish NS right?
So yeah would really appreciate your insights and answers to my burning questions.

Thank you for your attention!
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