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i think the juniors are so going to thank you for coming up with this template, haha!

Scholarship awarded (if applicable): Nanyang Scholarship
University and Course: NTU Communication Studies
Date and method of notification(s) of award: 7th May 2008, email before snail mail
School: Hwa Chong Institution
A-level/Polytechnic grades: AAAA (H2 Bio Chem Maths Econs) and B (GP)
CCAs and CIP (include leadership positions and achievements i.e. olympiads): Interact Club Executive Committee; 10m Air Pistol Girls' School Team; Some competitions that i took part in secondary school and my team managed to make it into the finals
Awards (i.e. MOE Pre-University Scholarship, NYAA): HSK Chinese Bridge Scholarship. the rest yada yada.. not very significant.

Date of shortlisting and interview: shortlisted on 24th April 2008 ; interviewed on April 29th 2008
How did your interview go?: Good. I wasnt stressed up and at least i was coherent and thought i left a good impression. The fact that not-too-difficult questions were asked helped too.
Why do you think you were successful? i think grades played a big part. interview-wise, my coherence? sincerity?
Any advice/comments: psyche yourself up before the interview. maybe it's wise to be a bit prepared too. be clear-headed and talk sensibly.

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