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Default university or polytechnic

hi, actually this post should be under undergrad course or sth but i'm new here and i can't figure out how to start a new topic so here goes:

i'm considering a career in the healthscience, something which is noticeably absent under the career section. AND it is absent from undergrad course in local unis as well. the best alternative would be going to NYP for its health science programme, but many people have told me i'm nuts to go into poly after A's especially since most of my peers are expected to go to uni.

NYP's programme will give a 3yr diploma and 4th yr conversion to degree overseas. how would scholarships applications differ if i were to apply for NYP instead of NUS or unis in UK?

also, i've no idea if i shd enroll for poly right now cos it starts in april, much earlier than unis, and how would enrolling in poly, and then later quitting for uni affect scholarship apps?

is there anyone out there who are considering similar careers or who have been to NYP's health science? please advice. thank you
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actually from a career coaching standpoint, it is not nuts to go to polytechnic after A levels if you know what you want to do as a career. What you need to do is think about what your skills, values, aspirations, interests are long term. If you do not know this, talk to a career counsellor.

Once you determine this and if the answer is still Health Sciences and a subsequent career in nursing or dental nurse or physio or radiography, then frankly going to polytechnic should not make a difference. For such a specialised field, the poly is currently the best way to go.

But if you are not sure and are thinking of a more general education or one where there are degree alternatives, then you need think a lot more carefully as it is a fact that degree holders are paid better and most dip holders still try to go on to get that degree.
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