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Originally Posted by sirluke135 View Post
Biology or biochemistry.
I went to a website that shows the diversity and housing rankings of the university. I want to go to a school that has decent dorms (hygiene freak) and people from different places.
I have a friend that went to rutgers but says the dorms are pretty run down and nothing much in nj.
The diversity at purdue isn't good(ranking)? Or are there Singaporeans that go there that have good experiences?
Did not read much about minnesota (44% acceptance low)and massachusetts, which I will add to the list to apply.

May go grad school to get doctor in optometry if grads are good.

What do you mean by safety schools? Very high chance of entering? I have checked West Virginia university website that says a gpa of 2.5 is the minimum for international freshmen with no sat requirements
almost every school dorms are similr. unless its newly built
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Originally Posted by Davelye View Post

Poly dip isn't useless. I will suggest that it will look very "iffy" on your application form if you were to omit your poly grades. They will question why there is a 3 year gap between your education when they process your script.

I assume you're either in your final year in NS/ took/taking a gap year for work experience. Some schools require SATs, some schools do not, you have to check on individual schools for their requirement.

I will highly encourage you to take the SATs and include your poly transcript into your application. If your transfer credits (upon processing) is less than 20 credits, they will immediately place you in as a freshmen. However, if you were to get more than 20 credits, you can be placed in the sophomore year. Since you're switching to a science major, i'm not sure how much credits you will transfer as optometry can be incredibly specialized in the modules you take. However, as US favors a holistic education, half of your credits required for graduation are non-core. So this might work in your favor. Less credits, less money spent.

Do check on the next available SAT date, someone told me it's at the end of the year. Spring semester begins in January, you probably stand a better chance applying for next fall.

Regarding the schools, patryn's advice is solid in that respect. Purdue is a really strong science/engineering school. If you were to prefer the EAST coast, you can take into considerations the few schools he mention (purdue, minnesota, iowa, rutgers (brunswick), west coast you can perhaps try for the arizona schools since you're not keen on UC schools; transfers into them are extremely competitive.

School diversity is extremely subjective. Even if statistics present the school to be diverse, you might not feel it as much on campus. Acceptance rate doesn't mean "nothing", it's just skewed differently when we talk about international students. Some say it is in your favor, some say it isn't - it's debatable. Whether there is much to do on in college is largely contributed to how active you want to be. You can take up multiple clubs and everyday can be really fun. You can explore the city, enjoy different sports and try different activities. It's very subjective. The same friend who told you that NJ has nothing can be the friend who tells you california is a boring place. You should not aim to transfer college after getting into one. It really disrupts your momentum and should only be done if you're facing a huge problem.

Lastly, as a transfer student as well, I will take these things into considerations upon searching for schools/applying to them/joining them:

In no particular order:

School fees
Summer class fees
No. of years to graduate
Major competitiveness
Any budget cuts in years to come.
No. of credits exempted.

All the best and I hope you last through the long application process. Never give up on it! Hopefully you apply to UofA. Bear down!
Thanks for your info! Im going to be done with ns and will apply for the SAT. Do i need sat 2 too? I think taking sat would be much better because my poly grads are not that good.

If i am out of options due to not being accepted into any of the schools you and patryn have listed , what are the UC schools that I actually have a decent chance of getting into?
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If you really UC uni look at
- Merced
- Riverside
- Santa Cruz
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