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Originally Posted by Rockmints View Post
Actually.. i only know a bit about all the courses.. its really hard to decide.. economics is the only thing that seems not bad but i am sure i will sure suffer from the essays there. I will consider engineering if there is a particular course that attracts me.. As for computing.. i know nothing about it..

Just wondering if there are a lot of things to memorise for computing?

There's a new course in nus, business analytics. Looks not bad but i think it is computing intensive?
I am from an Info Systems course, i would try to answer your questions posed.

Qn 1. Just wondering if there are a lot of things to memorise for computing? Is it all codes and stuff?

Ans: There is almost nothing to memorise for computing courses. This is well except for some programming rules and knowledge which you could also search through and API(s) for help.

Computing has to do more with the way you think and solve computing-algorithmic problems. Are you able to think logically and is a person who is patient in dissecting problems?

One such problem might be to construct a sorting algorithm like below(Quicksort is very useful algorithm in sorting out data to find trends/patterns):

Apart from that, are you able to think up new algorithms to search for things more efficiently? You might be the one to beat Google

Qn 2. Is it all codes and stuff?

Ans: Yes and No. The stuffs you learn would help you take up different roles in IT sector from IT security consultant, System analyst and all the way to Software Engineers. Therefore the area of study can be relative-wide if you are taking Comp. Science. Narrow ones are like Info Systems and some other fields. However, the common theme that surrounds all IT courses is a package of coding, designing(UML) and analysing concepts(Getting you to solve or appreciate Monte Carlo Simulation or Travelling Sales Man problem).

Qn 3. What is business analytics?

Ans: This is a branch in computing that links to Business Intelligence using "Big Data" or small datasets. The Big Data, i am referring to is in Petabytes and not GigaBytes you commonly know. It counts in 1 million gigabytes(1 Petabytes). Such is the data(big or small datasets) you try to generate for meaningful patterns for businesses. An example, you could use them to forecast the general market perception, trends, patterns and even human social behaviours(Social media). The area of study is still young however it has got great potential. Even US injected US$200 millions into "Big Data" research, many could really see it emerging from the rest.

This is the stuff which the computational power of Excel couldn't even do. They are only solvable with MatLab,Java and other programming languages( Scalability ).

(Personal Feedback)
In the initial year of studies, I really couldn't see what i am learning until later. After learning the know-how to write codes analytically, i do feel empowered to even create mobile apps or do some diy web development and even search engine optimization.

However, if your dream is still in maths, i would suggest you to go for it.

Passion makes you wanting to go the extra miles. The Money will flow along with it.
No one pays extra for a salaryman who works his socks off like a drone. They did rather pay a person who pursued his dream hard, performs brilliantly and happy in his/her field of work. Many students nowadays don't realise the importance of it besides the "Money" factor with a drone-like career path.

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