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Default The bearing positioning axis

In order to protect the goods in guiding a shaft axis direction, on the shaft hole in the casing equipment positioning shaft should be used. Bearing shaft and positioning hole in the fence, to replace function depends on the goods, guidance and direction of the axis of rotation, direction, type and location of axis bearing, a high-speed axis positioning, more reliable, the spear. For different types of bearing axial positioning, should also be in different ways. Like diagonal balls and guidance, to choose a shaft roller bearing shoulder and the shell hole road shoulder support, and need to take special equipment on the shaft, TaoJuan positioning of mobile phone in the bearing support. As a fixed support in outer radial, axial direction/support is fixed on the left. As compensation axial thermal elongation needs, for example, build support installed in the separated type, not only need one of diffuse TaoJuan swimming TaoJuan instability.
Swimming in installation in support of separation, such as direction, short Introduction Of SKF 6203 Bearings, TaoJuan need two pins.
Even if the TaoJuan bearing method to guide positioning in the following:
1. Locating bearing inner ring
In the shaft of the inner ring, installed in the shaft bearings generally by the location of the shoulder, and the other a fixed direction with nuts, circle or spring fixed washer and other documents. The shoulder axis and fixed parts exposed to the size of the inner ring, the correlation of the table size of installation instructions, determine the size.
(1) positioning nut
At a higher speed direction, bear burden, nuts, and the exposure DuanMian inner ring and the shaft in the direction of rotation slightly upward. If we can destroy the nut installation position and refine the normal work of the guidance of precision, reduce the direction of rotation and longevity. Especially the bearing inner shaft for hole easy, need more strictly controlled.
In order to avoid the process of nuts in the rotation, need to take the appropriate treatment, technical measures to prevent the loose. And nuts, and to move, to the packaging on the packaging using JianCao axis is the last line, and the value of a cut.
(2) (spring coil position
High-speed shaft, bearing is to support the goods, not too short and neck, screw thread processing in difficult circumstances, can use the part of rectangular elastic circular positioning. This method is convenient, the operation position manufacturing, small and simple.
(3) to locate gasket
In a relatively short shaft processing, in the thread with difficulty, many axis direction, speed, maximum load positioning, can take DuanMian packaging in packaging, there are two screws will locate or packaging, to avoid a loose screw die.
(4) depends on the location of locks
High speed bearing radial load is not stable, small to the burden of shaft, in the heart of guangzhou roller bearing and taper sleeve for installation. Located in nut and went out. To set the washer, betelnut MaCaLi hermetically sealed for bearing positioning.
(5), hole position. A taper direction
Have a hole in the direction of the pyramid, the pyramid line must be installed in the top close to the axial load of shaft, therefore, should be paid attention to when one of the mounting hole taper. Like in the axis and axis transformation, can be directly with the nut screw positioning.
If not the installation of the shaft bearing, not online, processed into spiral. In this case, the fusion of two and a half spiral ring to shaft card, rhythm of nuts and another location.
Special position (6)
In some cases, the size of the shaft and suspenders YuanJiao not listed in the installation directory size, cannot determine the transition to shaft support leaves.
2, outer ring positioning bearing
The installation of the bearing outer ring, even if outside the centre of the hole hole position usually have a fixed direction on the shoulder, on the other hand, DuanGai threaded hole plate elasticity and file, round positioning.
(1) DuanGai positioning
DuanGai to locate to various kinds of contact Angle position, speed and direction toward the higher, the burden of shaft. DuanGai closure pressure and positioning, also DuanGai outer bearing MiGongShi possible sealing device.
(2) the thread ring positioning
Direction of higher speed, larger burden, no axial positioning DuanGai heart disease is associated with this case, the available the location of the screw position and orientation, to adjust the instruction, the axial clearance.
(3) is located in the elastic loop length
This kind of method on axis positioning, easy installation and removal of small position, make simple, applicable to bear the burden of reducing to the shaft. Between upon a spring adjustment, adjust to the shaft position.
(4) in deep groove ball bearing outer ring and groove will be completed and available positioning direction.
When walls, due to the restrictions under the condition of hole not check documentation, must be cut or components on the shoulder, outline the size of the choice of this type.
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