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Default NUS Architecture

Here is the official thread for the NUS Architecture.
Post any queries or tips here!

The official scholarship page can be found here:
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I will check it.
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Default Architecture as a profession?

Hello, I'm a student who recently finished A levels, and I'm pondering about Architecture as a profession.

I've read a few blogs and forums about it - so far, the general idea is that you must be sure that you absolutely LOVE things that Arch encompasses, be it calculations, designing, editing; and the sober fact that architects don't end up designing stuff most of the time when they work, plus all the adjusting to clients' ideas by compromising own ideals etc.
And also that in Arch, harsh criticism is perpetual and definitely not for the weak-hearted.

Personally, I can't say that I love architecture, or designing buildings. I take interest in structures, yes, and I do odd random sketches (which are few and far in between) of rooms, but not entire buildings.

The challenges Arch seems to bring piques my curiosity, and I want to find out more about what the first-hand experience would be like, to pursue Arch as a degree and a profession. I know what Arch entails but I have no idea if I'm a good fit for it. Any suggestions to try experiencing Arch first-hand? I'm thinking of internships and I might submit some, but some organisations ask for skills in like autoCAD (which I have not heard of until now), so I'm afraid it'd be too far-fetched to try for internships.
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