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Default Bearing in the process of using maintenance

In order to solve the full and more sustainable long-term duty, must earnestly performance maintenance (regular) on a regular basis.
Regular inspection, in appropriate ways, early detection and prevention of accident development failure, productivity growth and achieve economies of scale.

Before the check will be blocked when other methods, ready to photos. In addition, he stressed that lubricating oil and SKF Bearing Inner Diameter lubricating oil, and then clean the bearing.
A money laundering, rhetoric and spiritual washing h and water at the bottom of the metallic WangJia put on.
B fat, oil and clean or join available bushes. Rotation oil rotation, due to injury. Land rolling

C, oil painting, bath, mental rotation steps carefully.
Widely used kerosene and kerosene water cut is not neutral, sometimes used as a dye according to need. Choose, no matter in check.
Immediately after TuBu FangXiuYou or FangXiu steps.

2, check and confirm:
Bearing, to determine whether there are other inspection, it is no exaggeration to say, its size, precise, rotation, and inside the gap, the face to face, keep and adaptability, and so on.
About the supervision of the rotation and skills used to bearing.
According to the performance criteria and mechanical and graduate students. If there is no new stage, they need to be replaced.
Parts and rotation.
B rolling explanation.
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