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it is a fact that there are several companies which turn up at NUS career fair only and give recruitment talks at NUS only (and no, they are not recruiting for law/medicine or any other undergrad disciplines that is only available at NUS). sure, it might be just out of convenience but it might give you an indication of their preferences (or the fact that NUS has a larger number of alumni in the industry which can influence such decisions?).
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They are not professional; maths and chemistry would be very good foundation degrees for higher degrees. And Ya Avoid Psychology. ..

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I am interested in a job as a financial controller or analyst in the banking sector and hope to seek some advice from you. (:

I am currently offered the choice of double degrees in business and Accountancy, or a double major programme in business (specialise in finance) and economics.

The difference between a double degree and double major is that a double degree will have another degree scroll, while the double major will only be a reflection in my transcripts.

Personally, I have more interest for economics. I believe the macroeconomics perspectives will help me a lot as an analyst. However, my family have advised me to take up accountancy, as it is more "practical", and will be more relevant should I decide to be a financial controller.

May I know what are the industry requirements for both careers, and which of the 2 choices do you think will have more career opportunities, and perhaps more sought after when i apply for grad school?

Thanks in advance (:
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Default Econs or business?

Hey I would like to know also is it true accountancy is more practical than econs?

Also is econs more practical than business or is it the other way around?

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