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Default How much allowance/sponsorship do recipients get?

How much 'maintenance allowance' and 'sponsorship for overseas student exchange' do local scholars usually receive? Does it differ for undergrad and mid-term scholars?

I know there's probably a range depending on the organisation, but wouldn't hurt to have some estimates and benchmarks I suppose?
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It is not hard to find information on scholarships provided by universities to scholars. Just for reference, here is NUS' catalog of scholarships. For example, the NUS Global Merit Scholarship provides "S$6,000 annual living allowance" and "S$7,500 Student Exchange Programme/NUS Overseas Colleges allowance per semester for non-Asian countries and Japan, and S$5,000 per semester for other Asian countries".

It would also seem that indeed, several organizations do not reveal their own figures. I am not sure how close these figures (from NUS) are as compared to those offered by scholarships from other organizations though, but I would suppose it wouldn't be tremendously far off by orders of magnitude.
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