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Hi I am a J1 student.
I really want to do pharmacy in UCL with either EDB or MOH Health Science Scholarship(preferred). I want to know what do they mean by 'outstanding achievements'?
Here is a list of my current 'achievements'.
Secondary School
NYAA Bronze
Member of CCA Exco

Exco Member of school's Photographic Society(Treasurer cum Welfare Officer)( I am also part of the organising committee for my CCA's CIP project.)
Exco Member of Class Executive Committee(CIP REP: Lead the class in a CIP project)
Member of school's Emcee and Journalists Team
Project Work Group Leader( i dunno if that's significant)
Going for school's OCIP trip in Nov 2014
Ad-hoc volunteer at Singapore Red Cross Society Blood Donation Group
(I have been volunteering at one of their annual events since 2012. Moreover, I have a testimonial for my voluntary service in the 2012 event.)
I have done other CIP work in school (rather insignificant)

So are these considered 'outstanding achievements'? What can I do to improve my portfolio?

Btw, I have 10 AU and my current academic results aren't fantastic. I thought about applying for OGL but I realised that requires heavy commitment in the expense of missing my lessons,which I cannot afford.
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Hey cupcake! Your CCA achievements are really impressive! The MOH Scholarship that you have mentioned has been rebranded to "MOH Holdings Healthcare Merit Scholarship". That is the top tier scholarship by MOHH, which will give you the status of PSC scholar, and has a more rigorous selection procedure. 1 tier below would be the MOH Holdings Healthcare Merit Award, which actually has equal monetary benefits.

What MOH Holdings wants to see is not just your academic results & CCA achievements which obviously have to be stellar, but also how passionate you are about Pharmacy. And of course you have to give your honest and best answer about, "Why healthcare? Why Pharmacy?" if you are successful in getting to the interview stage. I obtained the MOH Holdings Heathcare Merit Award this year, and most of my fellow scholar friends doing Pharmacy have been awarded the local one, meaning they are only eligible to study NUS Pharmacy. I only know of a small percentage of scholars (both my batch and seniors) who are at UCL for Pharm. Not sure how it's decided on who gets to go overseas or not.
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Thank you eramanda!!
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