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Default A Level Intensive Crash Course JC2 JC1 Back by Popular Demand


The only education provider to feature comprehensive courses for all IB and A level subjects. Our demand for perfection is unmatched across the industry; the 2016 Crash Courses are geared to address the most challenging components of national exams. We give you inside knowledge and time-proven strategies that have consistently beaten the national average in all examinations.

With over 2000 students taught, Quintessential has a winning track record of over 90% As and Bs in the A levels and 100% 6s and 7s for the IB.

How can the redesigned 2016 Crash Courses help me?

Technical know-how
– Learn key answering techniques that goes beyond commonplace tips found in lecture notes.

Customised Curriculum
-Specialised notes and intelligently designed resources by subject experts

Perfected Syllabus
- Proven strategies to solve the most challenging exam questions

Ultimate focus
– Courses are geared towards high performance in the shortest time possible 100%

- Our predicted questions analysis systematically covers all possible concepts and question types
– revise intelligently and effectively

Proven Results. Unparalleled Success
With over 2000 students taught, Quintessential is Singapore’s highest-rated academy with a consistent track record of over 90% As and Bs in the A levels and 100% 6s and 7s for the IB. Our subject experts focus on understanding and deciphering individual subjects to put together intelligently crafted curriculum and resources for a winning strategy.

Proven Strategies by Singapore’s top expert tutors
Quintessential’s tutors are dedicated educators from top JCs and IB schools who spend 100% of their time on their specialised subjects. No one knows the syllabus like we do.

Our A Levels and IB crash courses have been intelligently designed and proven to improve students’ mastery of the syllabus and is geared towards high performance in the shortest time. One can be more sure of specific parts of the syllabus to focus on and develop better application skills. Pure memorisation does not guarantee a good grade.

Tutors teach winning tips and correct students’ revision strategies, we share first hand experience on how questions are set and papers are marked, so that you have a competitive edge. Study smart and avoid haphazard memorisation.

High quality and realistic timed practices
- A competitive edge for all students A good revision strategy, coupled with our timed trials to simulate exam condition, can help to improve time management and subject mastery. This is especially true with knowledge of which chapters and questions to prioritise and which sections to spend time adequately is crucial to scoring well.

to sign up, call 61009338 or visit
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