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Default WTB - Tuition Centre h2 chemistry materials

Hi All,

I am looking for h2 chemistry materials from tuition centre, should you decide to sell pls email me : [email protected]

Thank you.

Best regards,
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Default QE

Here at Quintessential Education (QE), we specialize in Chemistry tuition for the A levels standard. We believe in nurturing students to understand concepts, rather than providing the ‘easy’ way out of memorising model answers. As experienced teachers, we understand the major problems that students may face when tacking the subject.

Chemistry can be daunting with long periodic naming sequences for chemicals, equations and order of kinetics. Students may not have the breadth, depth, or both, to immediately feel comfortable conversing in the language of chemistry. Getting Us and Ds is not uncommon for promo and prelim exams for A level Chemistry.

With the help and guidance of our patient tutors, students will be taught how to:

· Simplify problems

· Address their individual weak points (Every student is unique!)

· Cultivate a habit of implementing intensive practice (Ten year series, challenging questions etc) to hone finesse and speed for Chemistry.

More importantly, the tutors here at QE make it a priority to cultivate a love and interest for Chemistry amongst our students. The wonders of Chemistry can be felt and observed in every aspect of our day-to-day life. Chemistry tuition should be all about the student and his/her capabilities and problems.

The A level Curriculum covered in our Chemistry tuition classes include:

· Physical Chemistry (Electrochemistry, reaction kinetics, chemical bonding etc.)

· Inorganic Chemistry (Periodic tables, transition elements, nitrogen and sulfur)

· Organic Chemistry (Hydrocarbons, halogen, carbonyl, hydroxy, carboxylic, nitrogen compounds and polymerisation)

· Application of Chemistry (Analytical chemistry, design chemistry, chemistry of life)

Our classes can be conducted in group settings or individual sessions, in order to best fulfil the needs of the student. Our tutors are established, experienced and outstanding educators from top universities and schools.

To find out more about Quintessential Education and what we have to offer in our Chemistry classes, please visit our Chemistry Tuition

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