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Default NUS YLL Medicine vs NTU-Imperial LKC Medicine

Hello! I have, miraculously, been offered a place in both NUS and NTU Medicine. For me to make an informed decision, would any seniors care to share about the culture, pros and cons, etc etc of each medical school? Thank you!

In particular, I am quite introverted and don't tend to have much school spirit, so am rather worried about fitting in with the rah rah culture in NUS Medicine that I often hear about.

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Both are great schools. You can't go wrong either way. Hope you make the best decision for yourself

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I am being a busybody here, not a student of either but yes as above go for the more established one.

Don't bother too much about the culture. There will always be introverts everywhere and people that can't fit in. You are there to study, not to fit in and please everyone around you, and well it is impossible to please everyone so why bother.

Think about this: there's an LKC and YLL grad in front of you and the majority of the doctors in singapore graduated from NUS and you happen to be from NUS, who would you favour?

Then you will meet old laojiao doctors that graduated from university of singapore that would probably have the mentality that nus is the real deal and ntu is just the new kid on the block.

Of course I am overgeneralizing but connections wise and those sort of things, NUS any day. As singaporean students that can score regardless of what kind of learning environment or teaching methods etc etc,why bother so much about the positive things that the new kid on the block claims to have when you can enter nus?

Of course, like i said above, I am a student of neither so take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

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Thanks everyone for all their comments so far!

I'm definitely concerned about NTU's lack of experience, but wouldn't the experts from Imperial be able to guide them? If there are any seniors in LKC out there, has the school's young age affected your learning so far?

Indeed, NUS Med students are likely to have better job prospects when they graduate, but ultimately an LKC MBBS is still an MBBS - I'll never be out of a job regardless of which university I choose.

To me, university isn't just about studying, it's about enjoying yourself as well. I believe I'd prefer being in an environment with more like-minded (or at least, not so school spirit-filled) individuals, is all. But since I don't know much about LKC's culture, would anyone like to share about it please?
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