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Default Applying for Masters in USA

Hi Guys,

I am a final year undergraduate at NTU, and plans to do M.A. in the US. It was rather shocking to realize that their fall admission (Sept 2016) application deadline is mid-Dec this year. If I miss this time, I can only apply again next year Dec which means only be admitted in Sept 2017.

Problem is, in mid Dec this year I can only provide transcripts up to year 3, or latest year 4 sem 1 as I would have just completed half of my final year. And my final year thesis, accolades like overall Dean's List, etc. and even my BA cert I can't provide, but all these play an important role in supporting my application. I know there are also applicants who apply before finishing their BA, but there are also ones who completed with full transcripts, certs and accolades, so would my application be put at a disadvantage?

Please kindly advice, thanks!
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Many applicants are applying with their junior transcripts.
Masters of Arts degree no harm trying this year, your final yr thesis will not be a great impact unless it gets publish in some big publication. Otherwise thesis may be useful if you doing research and can expend on the topic, since u reading MA not too useful that way.
Are you applying for 1 uni? Dec closing are you looking for aid?
Asking for aid usually close early in dec otherwise generally it's Jan.

No harm but throwing a few hundred into application fees if you try this year. Fail you can always try the following year if u believe your output for the final semester will outshine all the 3 yrs of work.

Do apply to more than 1 uni. Good luck

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Academic achievement in the USA and Canada is measured by GPA (Grade Point Average) scores.

Master's degree applicants may need GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Examination) scores. If you apply through Study Group, you do not need to take the ACT (American College Testing) or SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) exams.
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As others have mentioned, you can apply with your year 3 transcripts. In fact, that's the only way if you want to go straight into graduate school after your undergraduate degree, which many people choose to do, especially in medicine and law. As for whether you will be at a disadvantage, personally, I think it really depends on your academic and professional (if relevant) experience leading up to your application. I've had many friends here in the US who apply with their third year transcripts with great experience in terms of internships and research, and are able to get into top graduate schools.
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hi im intersted also. may i know you are doing which M(a) and how many uni you applied?
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