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Default Enquiring about Appeal to SUTD

Hi, was wondering if anyone have appealed to SUTD before? And also what are the word limits? As I've looked into their FAQ regarding this and did not find any information about this.

14. I HAVE NOT BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN MY APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION. CAN I APPEAL TO BE RECONSIDERED? If your application has not been successful, you may submit an appeal for reconsideration. You are advised to submit your appeal by email to [email protected] indicating your application ID, NRIC/FIN/passport number and full name.

Unlike SMU which requires a thousand word essay or NTU with something not more than 50 words.

Can someone please advise? Thank you.
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Hi Spardy89

We do not have any word limit or format for appeal. You can appeal by emailing us at [email protected].

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