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Default Worse case scenarios

What are my chances of getting into a US college (as a freshman)? I'm looking to apply to UC Berkeley, UCLA, Duke, UMich and NYU. Will having the SATs and A-Levels help in college application? Is 3.5 a very low GPA?

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What is your intended major?
GPA is low, SAT also on the low end. Ppl applying to these uni generally come from top jc. You are competing with these ppl who are not seeking aid.
Most importantly you seeking aid, why would they admit u and pay for you edu when others having better stats is paying?
3.5 GPA securing bonded scholarship is near impossible
Looking for full scholarship is much much harder than seeking bond. Let's not forget one need to pay living expenses and insurance they can cost usd$15-20k a year

Being part of volunteer etc is not insufficient, did you lead or organize the activity? What makes u stand out among all the volunteers?

Even lower tier uni hard to find aid. Sports scholarship you can try but no top tier uni

If you cannot get into local uni you could take a loan to go for higher education say at ngee Ann kongsi Adelaide program. Do extremely well go head to states to read phd. They are often funded. Seriously 3.5 to local uni reading business chances not high, if u can breeze into local uni then consider those elite USA uni.

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