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Default McGill or UBC?


I've applied to McGill and UBC, but I'm not sure which uni to choose. I've gotten offer from McGill and still waiting a reply from UBC.
Anyone knows which is a better place to live in, in terms of getting a job, student life, cost of living etc, in Montreal or Vancouver? I've heard about Montreal's party scene and the french barrier and Vancouver being 'asian' dominated place.
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Getting a job? What's your major? Dietetics? Do u speak French?
Would u move to a diff location to seek for jobs upon graduation?

Cost of living estimation are found on the uni sites. Things do varies depending on your lifestyle.

Party scene doesn't mean u cannot stay away and have to party. Sg is a party city too. Do u feel obligated to party?

Looks like both uni has internships, what's unclear if everyone gets a placement.
Perhaps ppl can shed u some light

Career/job check out such post

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Hello! I came across this platform the other day when I was planning for my overseas studies called Flying Chalks. They help international students enhance their overseas studies experience. It's much more convenient to do your research cause they have university guides with info on all the different unis ou may want to look at. You can connect with friends that are going to the same university that you are going to and also ask for some advice from those who have been to that university. You can check out the website at or visit their Facebook here (!

They have a uni guide for University of British Columbia ( well as information about accommodation, flights, food outlets, leisure activities, UBC campus life and so on. May be of help!

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