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Default unsure about study path

Hi guys, im kinda confused about which study path for best results and hence came here to seek some advice.

I graduated from a singapore poly with a gpa of 2.7 in business studies. Since i cant get into a local uni im considering all my options overseas. i dont mind doing a full 3/4 years course in uni or any other alternative which needs me to backtrack as long as i get into a recognised uni.

im looking to get a degree in finance, perferably in the uk, have looked into the INTO program as well as US community college again then transfering into a uni afterwards. I know i havent put in much effort in my studies previously but i want to get into a good school now even if it takes me longer so im exploring my options.

any advice and help would very much be greatly appreciatedd.
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in your mind what is a good school? you would like to go UK, I reckon you enjoy the UK system.

INTO can get into which Uni? what about US community college?

there is another

good Uni plus the idea of back track means cost of sgd$200k+ easy. is family ready to spend?

Indiana - Bloomington you may get in undecided for 1st yr, you get to transfer if you can do well to Kelly

from CC no way to get into these Uni, but u can get into UC Irvine, Santa Barbara or UCLA. Issue UCLA no finance major just Econ

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