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Default A level/ib crash course 2017

A level/ IB Crash Courses by top A level and IB tutors.


Over 90% A/Bs and 80% 7s, over 2000 students taught. Quintessential's crash course is uniquely designed to provide a comprehensive coverage.

Secrets to scoring for your A Levels and IB.
4 Master Tips-

1. Accomplished Expert Top Tutors
The Quintessential tutors are top teachers from IB or A level schools with a proven track record. If you are looking for high scores, our experienced tutors will map the exam plan for you.

2. Proven Curriculum -developed by Top Teachers
Quintessential's proven and tested framework is a comprehensive curriculum that has worked across hundreds of students. Exclusively written by our team of current or past A level and IB examiners, the curriculum stands strong with insider knowledge on what types of questions are tested. We teach how best to revise for various topics, and how to score in various essays and projects. Our guides serve as an invaluable resource for your learning journey.

3. Unparalleled Mastery -high quality timed practices
We specialize in A Level and IB preparations. Nobody knows it better than us. We simulate real exam conditions and maximise learning with customised questions. Learn from our specialized currculum and find the best ways to apply early important exam tips while doing timed exam practices. Our teachers are full time tutors who spend 100% time teaching and preparing the A level and IB curriculum. Experience the Quintessential Master Crash Course now.

4. Proven Success- Top Techniques in concepts review
Many students fail to do well despite intensive studying because they have not mastered their core concepts confidently and appropriately. We recognise this at Quintessential and students will correct their weak concepts to perfect their exam preparations with supervision from a top tutor.


Or call 8433 3339 to secure a place!

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