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Maths Tuition

About Tutor (Mr Wu):
– Raffles Alumni
– NUS 1st Class Honours in Mathematics
SMS: 98348087
Email: [email protected]

Experience: More than 10 years experience, has taught H2 Maths to students from RJC, NJC, ACJC and many other JCs. Also has extensive experience teaching Additional Math, E Math (O Level, IP).

Patient, dedicated and good at explaining complicated concepts in a simple manner (see Testimonials of ex-students:
Teaches tips to check for careless mistakes, and also to remember and apply formulae.

Most student's problems in Maths fall into these categories:
1) Carelessness (Solution: Learn tips to check their answers for mistakes)
2) Cannot finish paper (Solution: Learn tips, shortcuts to speed up their working)
3) Forget the formula / method (Solution: learn tips and tricks to remember the formula)
4) Lack of knowledge / experience (Solution: Work with an experienced tutor who will highlight what is important, and also practice the typical questions that will actually come out in the exam)

SMS: 98348087
Email: [email protected]

Areas teaching (West / Central Singapore)
Maths Tuition Website:
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